Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 12th...a special day!

As I inch closer and closer to the big 40 (I have another year and a few months!!!), I can't help but wonder where time went. It seems like just the other day I was in grade school, had my first date in high school, met my hubby in college, had my babies, etc..., etc..., etc... Now I'm heading towards the birthday month in my family (my kids and I were all born in October) and the ages of 11, 13 and "39!!!" are killing me. Wow! I guess time really does fly by when you are having fun.
Today is a special day in my family. For two reasons.
Today is my great aunt's birthday. She turns "99" today. Yes, you read it right, 99. Can you imagine the stories she could blog about? How many decades and changes in society she has lived through? Just incredible when you stop and think about it. Although, she was hardly the adventurous type, she still has lived a very full life.
We had a birthday party for her last Sunday, when I was home visiting the family. Except for the fact that she has to be reminded at first of who some of us are (she remembers you after you tell her), she is doing pretty good. She has always been a very humble lady and I think she was overwhelmed that we would even want to celebrate with her. Sometimes she really doesn't realize how much she is loved.
In honor of her and her birthday, I thought I would share five random memories or special things I love or remember about my aunt.

1. She could fry okra and chicken better than anyone I know. I use to love going to eat at her house, sitting out on the back screened in porch. Every time I pass by her old house, I can almost taste the goodness! Yummy!
2. Rose dishes. If you are a member of my family then you already know what I am talking about... I have always loved dishes. When I was a little girl I would always go straight to her china cabinet when I would visit. She had the prettiest pink rose dishes. I thought they were beautiful and told her so every time I visited. When I got married, she had a surprise for me...wrapped in newspaper in a tomato box were those rose dishes. They sit in my china cabinet now and started a collection of "rose" collectibles. I have always been honored she gave them to me. I think she knew I would be the one to appreciate them the most.
3. She was known to always give my cousins, sister and I very "practical" gifts for Christmas. It was always a fun moment to open our presents from Aunt Fay, for there was always a laugh waiting. One year we got a tube of toothpaste each. Another year, my sister and I got toothpick holders...remember we were kids! And then one year, I think she mixed the tubes up and gave my cousin Jim 'Preparation H" by mistake (instead of toothpaste). We have gotten a lot of mileage in laughter on that one!
4. The memories my mom tells...I grew up hearing how my aunt was like her second mom. She lived down in the holler from them (I'm from Arkansas, remember?!) and my mom would always get in trouble because she would rather hang out with Aunt Fay than at home. Just the fact that my mom thought she was one special lady, had me growing up thinking the same.
5. My daughter would always color her a picture when she was little and take it to her when we visited her at the retirement center. Her artwork would always be on display and she would always point it out to Kayla when we visited. Unfortunately now she lives in the nursing home and spends most days sleeping, but at one time she treasured everything...pictures, color pages, etc... that family members gave her.
Those are just a few of my memories. When I hugged her neck the other day, they all came rushing back. Not having a grandparent left, she is the "great" in my family and very loved.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Fay!!!
I love you!

Today happens to also be a special day on my hubby's side of the family too. It is his mom and dad's 49Th wedding anniversary. Again, how must the years roll by...

I first met them when i was nineteen years old. They took me in during my college days, because my family still was on the mission field for a while. I am thankful everyday for my other "mom & dad" who are loving and generous. Most of all I'm thankful that they raised a son who is a wonderful husband, loving father and a servant of the Lord.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad H.!!!

We love you very much!!!


He & Me + 3 said...

Wow...what a special day for sure. Your Aunt looks great and those 5 memories are awesome. Love the christmas present one. Hilarious. Sounds like the gifts my Grandma gave us. Shorts in the middle of December. LOL WE laugh about that all the time.
Hope today is a blessed one for all three of them.

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Wowzie....Happy 8/12!

Happy 99th wow birthday to your aunt!

Happy anniversary to your in laws.

Many reasons to rejoice today!

I love hearing your legacies of love in your family. How rich in God's love!

Andrea said...

WOW...Happy 99th Birthday, Faye!
My hubby had an aunt live til she was 103 and my DIL's g-grandmother is 106...both with clear minds. I am amazed.
Blessings, andrea

christy rose said...

Wow! Today is a special day for your family! Enjoy all of those memories!

Heart2Heart said...

Please pass along my blessing to Aunt Fay for a very happy 99th, and looking forward to her century mark next year!

WOW now won't that be one to celebrate next year.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sarah Dawn said...

What a special day for your family as well!

Thanks for celebrating ours too.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Fay! It was a fun party....even though it was roastin' hot in there!!!!! :)

Happy Anniversary to the inlaws, too. Wow...that's a lot of years!!!

Love you. Glad we got to hang out this weekend!!!

Hope said...

Wow…49 year is a long time! My husband and I are at 23…not even half way!

You are right, Mich, wouldn’t it be great if we had someone like your great aunt blogging and telling us about their life’s experiences? I have a 93(?) year old great aunt who is really sharp. She is a nun and probably would not be able to blog, but she would be full of good information. She writes wonderful letters. She recently celebrated 75 years since she became a nun. That would mean she entered, whatever you would call it, are age 18.


Gretchen said...

Happy B'day Aunt Fay. Lurved your memories. So fun.

And happy anniversary to your inlaws. Mine just celebrated 48 yesterday.

Renee' said...

aaaaah Happy Belated B-Day great aunt :) The pictures are so precious :)