Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Dedicate this Song to...

I enjoy blogging. I love the fact that I have made many new friends, as well as being able to connect with old ones. I love seeing what my sister and dad are up to and commenting back and forth with them. I love the funny stories, the inspirational posts that pull at the heartstrings, the pictures and especially all the encouraging comments that brighten my day. However, most of all, I like the fact that I have a connection outside my small group of local friends. I have what I believe is a "bonus" blessing from God, in that I have a bloggy world of friends that are just as encouraging, loving and big time prayer warriors when needed.

Here lately I've been burdened. So many times in day to day life, people will ask for prayer, and sometimes I do what I know many do... I say "I will pray for you." How many requests actually make it past my own lips when I am conversing with my Lord? Some. Unfortunately not as many as should. So, to help me out, I bought a new notebook. It sits with my Bible while I am visiting my friends in Blogland, so that when I say "I will pray," it will be written down and remembered. For I believe heavily in the power of prayer, and I certainly never want to be flippant with it.

That being said, I have read many blogs lately, that have asked for prayer. Whether it is friends dealing with death, illnesses, stress or just raising Godly families, the list never ends. Shoot! I've had to deal with them all in the last few years and still do. That is unfortunately the hard part of life.

I was reading a friend's blog this afternoon. It brought tears to my eyes, for she loves her Heavenly Father, but she loves her earthly daddy a whole bunch too. It is hard not to be angry at the Heavenly Father, the great healer, when earthly daddy is very sick. It is hard not knowing the "plan." It is hard keeping the faith. It is hard to praise the Lord anyhow.

I recently read a blog of a woman who has a very sick child. A woman who just literally has to say her baby is "in God's hands." She is trying to be strong. She is trying to believe. She is trying to hold on to her hope. It can be so very hard sometimes...

I recently have read several blogs of people who have had a death in their family. Death, no matter the individuals age, is never easy. My Nanny two years ago, was ready to see her Savior, yet as she drew her last breath I experienced intense grief. I still want to pick up the phone and call her... saying goodbye is never easy. Asking God "why?" can be all too easy at times.

My favorite CD right now is "Freedom" by Mandisa. It is in my car stereo. It encourages me everyday as I go to work and as I come home. Today, as I was driving around, running my many errands, I was thinking about the whole "prayer request" situation and on popped this song called "Broken Hallelujah." It totally spoke to my heart in that moment.

I don't have all the answers. I can't even begin to tell everyone "I know how you feel," for although I have experienced many painful things in my own life and have asked God plenty of "Whys?" myself, no two people handle situations the same way. What I do know, is that I believe in a loving God, who knows best and has a plan for all things. As hard as it is to praise Him for all things, I am going to try. And if I fall short at times, well, I know He is there to put the pieces back together too.

So, I would like to dedicate the words to this song to my friends that are hurting today. If you don't feel like "praising" today, My God understands... just give Him what you got. Even if it is in pieces.

And I will be praying for you...promise.

Broken Hallelujah by Mandisa
With my love and my sadness
I come before You Lord
My heart’s in a thousand pieces
Maybe even more
Yet I trust in this moment
You’re with me somehow
And You’ve always been faithful
So Lord even now
When all that I can sing
Is a broken hallelujah
When my only offering
Is shattered praise
Still a song of adoration
Will rise up from these ruins
I will worship You and give You thanks
Even when my only praise
Is a broken hallelujah
Oh Father, You have given
Much more than I deserve
And I have felt Your hand of blessing
On me at every turn
How could I doubt Your goodness
Your wisdom, Your grace
So Lord hear my heart
In this painful place
I lift my voice
Your Spirit moves
I raise my hands
I reach for You
(Psalm 42:1-5, Acts 16:22-25a) Behind the Song:“Broken Hallelujah” is one of the most moving songs I have ever heard. I believe that there is a presence of the Lord that comes when we as believers offer up a sacrifice of praise and I think that when things are not going the best, when our circumstances could not look worse, I think that when we offer up a Hallelujah to the Lord that that honors him more than any other thing. And so “Broken Hallelujah” is a song that mirrors the power that can happen when we as believers lift up that sacrifice of worship to His name." - Mandisa

Happy Weekend Everyone!


He & Me + 3 said...

Mandisa has the most beautiful voice. I have heard several of her songs and think that they are all great. I totally need to get that CD. I have been meaning too. Those words are beautiful.

Andrea said...

You are a blessing.
I, too had to get a notebook a while back. I could not retain all the requests in my brain. It became impossible.
Blessings, andrea

Jim said...

As I read your blog, again I was moved, for my own promises fall short and don't lift needs to their intended goal at the Throne.
Thank you. As I read, I do not know why the image came into my mind but it was of a young girl at camp, who came forward to the altar with her cousin at the invitation that had been given. Her parents who were involved in the camp, as well, joined her there. It was their anniversary - June 26th - and as the four knelt, the young girl and her cousin gave their hearts to the Lord. The cousin now lives in heaven, and the young girl ministers to many other little girls,and often even to her Jim-Dad through her blogs, like this one. Thank you, "young girl" of mine!


really.truly said...

So many to pray for! What I've been I read the blog, I stop and pray right then so I don't forget.

Have a great weekend!

Heart2Heart said...


I am using the same thing as you. Sometimes I get that divine inspiration for a post and think great, I'll try and remember that and then I don't. I love how you wrote so eloquently what has been burdened on my heart.

I often wonder wow this is so hard, to pray and offer suggestions to some many each day, and then I think of God. Just how many requests does He get each day? How does He encourage so many who are hurting?

Mine is only a small portion to handle yet with faith in God we will work through this together and may God receive all the glory that is due to Him.

You are more than a friend Mich, you are now part of my family and I love you like a sister would.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Amber said...

You are such a blessing to so many people.

I want to be like you when I grow up.

Love you.

Jim said...

After Amb's comment, I just had to speak a word of JOY!

Mom was standing behind me as I read your blog and comments. When we got to Amb's "When I grow up!" I started laughing so, I was shaking! Then I realized that one of God's true blessings is the ability to find joy in the midst of even "broken hallelujahs" and tears.
Thanks to both of you young girls!

Sarah said...

It is an honor and privilege to battle with you today. I will be warring on my knees this week for you and your precious family. My heart knows the turmoil of change and strife in the body of Christ. Today Lord, guard my friend and keep her in perfect and constant peace as her mind is stayed on you because she commits herself to you, leans on you and hopes confidently in you. - Isaiah 26:3

Blessings to you,
Sarah Dawn

Kristin said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for the Bday wishes. I am so glad that we've met in this blog world =)

christy rose said...

The notebook idea is a great idea! I usually stop right then and pray. Then sometimes the thoughts of what someone is needing prayer for comes up again in my heart or in my thoughts later too and I recognize that as God urging me to pray again. So, I let Him lead me in the other times to lift up someone in prayer.
I love the words to that song too.

Anonymous said...

I love this song, Mich.

And I love you, too. You are precious to me.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Your heart is a beautiful gift to those who come here to read your words. God is blessed by our obedience to pray for others; we can never underestimate the impact of our words as we present them before the throne. One day we will see the "end product" of those prayers as we stand alongside those who've received them.

If my name is ever on your lips before the throne, I thank you. It means a great deal to me.


Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

What a beautiful song. I love the idea of having a notebook~one even devoted to blog prayer requests.

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, the prayer notebook is a wonderful idea, Mich! Love it. Cuz like you, I pray for my blog friends but there are so many that I can't remember who all to CONTINUE to pray for.

Great idea! Thank you for praying.