Friday, August 14, 2009

Drama! It comes in all shapes and sizes...

See this guy? Looks all sweet and reflective, right? Notice his eyes. He is actually looking at me, if you look closely you might even catch a glimpse of the mischief that lies there.

My son. The smart, strong, very sensitive, creative, competitive, can't sit still type. He is one of those kids you love to death, because he can give the best hugs, still likes to snuggle and likes to "help." However, unfortunately there is a part of his personality that shows it's ugly head every once in a while and sets this mom off. It is a typical "child" thing. Oh, the DRAMA!!!

Meet mom (me). I'm a people pleasing, quiet peacemaker, who every once in a while has her own "drama" switch that someone flips on. It takes a lot to make me mad and I let most things go and roll with the punches, but then a simple, insignificant thing will happen in my home and it is like someone tipped the boiling pot of emotions I carry and let all the steam out. My boiling point? Drama.

Yesterday, this mom blew a gasket.

I was in a hurry to get back to work, a little stressed, with a headache and my son asks me a "can I?" question. My answer was "No." End of story, right? WRONG!!! First there were the "why nots," then there were some angry words,a little stomping around, a door was slammed and finally there were a few tears.

Now, I know I shouldn't have stomped around and said what I said and the tears were a release when I got back in my car and... I was being a drama queen. But why couldn't he just accept my answer. Why did he have to get all angry and start crying? Why does everything have to be so blown out of proportion??? And I only had three minutes to handle it all?!!!

Upon my return home, we BOTH apologized for our behavior and my son realized that mom "did know best" this time. I again was convicted over my stage performance. Oscar worthy, I'm sure for all the dramatic flair I had put into it.

At the end of the day, things like this, always leave me thinking. How many times have I asked God "why?" over something I thought was a big deal in that moment, but when I look back later I realize He really did know best. How many times have I cried tears of frustration and said angry words because I just didn't understand or didn't like the "just because I said so" answer? How many times has He looked at me with eyes of compassion and said "I love you, my little drama queen?!!!"

Drama may come in all shapes and sizes, but isn't it great that at the end of the day, God loves us all?!!!


Grace said...

Ah, the joy of parenting!
It is so nice to read at the end of the story, both you and your kid apologize to each other.
Have an enjoyable weekend, Mich. :)

Jim said...

I was just thinking! DRAMA, HUH? Could be there is a place for you in our Drama Troupe. Now, let me see. What characters would be suited for you? Biblical, I'm certain. Now, your characters will need to face some trials through which you will rise victorious with just the right application of faith's lesson. Why, you're a natural! We've got a space open for you to sign on!

You truly are the ideal of one who, like many, do face the common challenges - but - And I am proud to say - "You come out all rosy -flavored".

Love you,

makeyourhomesing said...

I know what you mean. I am always so glad that the Lord does not act like a human. That He doesn't become impatient with me and say "you again?" or "you forgot again" or "sorry, I'm getting tired of your attitude."

Heart2Heart said...


Oh I had that melt down last night. Watch out Academy Awards, I am your next runner up.

My daughter came home after us dropping all our vacation plans this week to accommodate her ASB summer schedule for some silly team building activities that ran from 8am to 10pm each day.

We were looking for some ease on Friday because it was only supposed to be 1pm to 5pm.

When hubby picked her up last night at 10pm she tells us she has last minute plan changes and needs to be at the golf course for breakfast at 8am all with a smile.

Can you see where this is headed? Oh how I can't wait for her to begin driving so I can simply hand her the keys and tell her, help yourself.

For now, let the drama continue to unfold each day. Something tells me that this is going to be a really challenging year at best!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sharon Sloan said...

I love that your son still snuggles with you. Mine does, bed time and when we watch a movie together. I LOVE snuggling with the cherubs! Yum!

I imagine since you are usually drama-less, your kids know it is unusual for you to react like that. :)

I love the apologies and forgiveness! Although I don't like my "uglies", I am so thankful I am a mom who can confess to her children when I am wrong and ask for forgiveness. (That's one thing hopefully I model well! hee hee) While we allow Him to mold us to holiness, cherubs know I am a sinner saved by grace who daily needs to ask for forgiveness. The ground is level at the cross. Mommy ain't no better.

Love what you shared here. And I think they give out really nice stuff at those award shoes! :)

Amber said...

Weren't we just talkin' about that?!

I love that kid.
And I love you.

Drama and all.

(Because I know NOTHING about being dramatic...ahem.)

Pilar said...

We are a family of 5 and 4 of us are girls, we know drama :)..
Praise God, He doesnt!

Gretchen said...

She who writes plays on her blog knows nothing about being dramatic. Right. ;) That Amber...

Mich, you couldve inserted me into the starring role. Sadly, sometimes those emotions just get the best of us. The cool thing is that we're forgiven and loved, and we get to do the same.

christy rose said...

Oh Mich this was just a super great post, a great reminder to us all! Drama does come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, huh? But love and redemption are so sweet!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so familiar with this. It is nice that in the end we all still love each other and that God forgives and loves us too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mich!
Just a quick note here to let you know that I have an award for you.

Loyal Friend and Visitor Award
Be back later...

Shanda said...

Oh, Amen! Drama comes in all shapes and sizes at our house too. Praise Him that He loves us all and offers His forgiveness and grace.

Love the picture of your son...I can see the mischief "that lies beneath..." ;) I had a misconception that only daughters brought drama until I had two sons! (She still reigns as queen of drama; but they do challenge her scepter at times!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet, you did so well writing this post, Mich. I totally relate, too! I had my own bit of drama this weekend for which I am totally ashamed of myself. I am thinking about writing a post of how badly I behaved, so sad.

You have a good message here.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Mich,

I did tell you there was drama! I appreciate you comment on my post today. And, I did not take a camera to the wedding with me because I did not want to see myself in pictures. :)