Wednesday, August 19, 2009

His words or my mine???

This has been a busy week for my emotions. I have been on a roller coaster that started with nervousness, climbed slowly towards a little joy, only to barrel down at high speeds into tears, looped into laughter, came to a complete stop from the drama and I was able to stand and walk away. AND IT IS ONLY WEDNESDAY!!! But isn't that how life really is?

Sunday I had the blahs, which the Lord turned into pure sunshine when He gave me a verse. Yes, I totally believe He gave it to me, wrote it for me, decreed I would hear it last Sunday. Why? Because He loves me and knew I would need it. This is MY verse. But hey, I'm willing to share it. I can be nice like that sometimes...

1 Peter 4:8-11 Powerful stuff.

There have been situation after situation, this week alone, where I have been called upon to "love deeply," serve "without grumbling," "show grace," and totally rely on the "the strength God provides."

Yet, the part of this particular scripture that grabs at me, eats at me, gnaws at me, totally leaves me humbled is; "If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God."


Is that even possible? Shoot, I might as well give it up and quit now. After the week I'm having there is absolutely NO WAY the words that have escaped my lips have all been God spoken words. My thoughts certainly haven't been all glorious. Yet, there is a urgency for me to try.
There is a desire to want to attempt to have the purest of heart, so that my words could eventually one day have at least a "sounds like" God tone.

I have to go back to verse 8 and realize that the "love that covers a multitude of sins" is not just a reminder of how I should treat and show love to others, but rather a gift given to me by the Heavenly Father. He knows I'll never be perfect. He knows my lack of fluent God thoughts and words. But He has this wonderful gift of love, tied up in grace for me. If that doesn't leave you in total humility and awe, than I don't think anything could.

"If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God."

So He is basically telling me...

When my children disobey...HIS WORDS, not mine.

When on the phone with the AT&T lady and we have a difference of opinion...HIS WORDS, not mine.

When someone at works is allowing gossip to enter the work area...HIS WORDS, not mine.

When you would love to shout to your kids "HATE IT!", but you are trying to pick your battles...HIS WORDS, not mine.

When feelings are hurt...HIS WORDS, not mine.

When you feel angry and snubbed...HIS WORDS, not mine.

When everyone is rushing around with first day of school jitters...HIS WORDS, not mine.

When your baby hurts...HIS WORDS, not mine.

When you just want to be mad...HIS WORDS, not mine.

Oh to be like Jesus... I'm thankful God does see my heart, knows I really am trying, instead of just reading my mind and hearing me speak. He is "grace" ful, like that.


He & Me + 3 said...

His Words not mine really puts it into perspective. No I just need to put it into practice all the time.

Amber said...

I think you just voicing your desire to be like Him and use His words...those are His Words.

I love you, sweet one.
And I'd love you even if I didn't have to.

Heart2Heart said...


I love how you put it in perspective of what you are feeling at the time or the emotions running through certain situations and then how we should handle it.

I too am super thankful for God's love and grace when it comes to my all too often short comings. I am glad I get a second chance to try and make it right.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

E @ Scottsville said...

I had to remind myself of the "HIS WORDS" not mine last night at church. Praise God that His words are never void... and all is well.

christy rose said...

This was great Mich. His words not mine! That will stick with me for a long time.

Jim said...

"His Words Not Mine" would be an excellent journal book title. Go for it! Some very good challenge.
Love You,

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness.....I am so thankful that He sees I am trying too and forgives me. I hope your weekend is better than your week. Your comment the other day put a big smile on my face about not needing to punish your kids by cutting their hair. LOL!! Sorry it took me so long to come visit you....we went on a little trip yesterday. I loved this post so much, because I feel so much like that alot of times, where I just let things get to me and I have to step back and just remind myself to try a little harder. What I love is that the Lord will always give us those verses he knows we need, or a song that might cheer us up, or a sweet comment from a friend, to let us know He sees we're trying. Hope you are feeling better!

Mocha Momma said...

You put perspective on something everyone struggles with.

Even the people we may think are the sweetest people on earth have thoughts and speak words that are not God's.

God is a God of Grace and mercy like you said. He keeps me alive in many ways.

I wouldn't be sitting here today if He weren't in my life.

Thanks for sharing your heart.

makeyourhomesing said...

I love this...."His words, not mine!" I pray daily that I will have His expression on my face, not my own, and that if I get bumped or jostled or annoyed that it won't be me spilling out but Him.

Believe me, I need to pray this daily because I need His grace to get over myself, lol! Thank for your this needed reminder.

Greg C said...

First time visitor here. I came over from Heart 2 Heart. I don't know what possessed me to click on your link. Well actually I do, I needed this post and those words you wrote. Thanks. I had a roller coaster kind of week too.

S and J said...

Echoing everything written here. Much, much needed words from Almighty God. Thanks for posting this!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh, I love HIS words, not mine. How awesome is that?

I love your honesty in this post....I enjoyed every word.

....and I needed it!

Kendra Lee said...

Don't you love how He whispers (or SHOUTS) His word to us right when we need it! I agree with "Dad", great journal title ;)