Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tidbits for your viewing pleasure...

I have been rather distracted this week and hadn't taken the time to upload pictures. Hence, the phone call from my sister, who wanted to see what my kids looked like on the first day of school. So, here I am up bright and early on a Saturday morning, taking the time to put a few pictures on for your viewing pleasure...

Here's the thing, my son didn't want his picture taken, acting like going into 5th grade makes him too "old" for all that nonsense. I finally got him outside, only for him to fake "cheese" like crazy. But I love him to pieces anyway. I am just so thankful he had a good three days. The first day, there was normal jitters and frustration. Remember, 5th grade...less fun and games and more "boring" work. But by Friday, he was happy. He thinks his teacher Mr. G is funny. Hopefully the smiles will last the whole year through.

And then there is my daughter who definitely flaunted her own style on the first day of school. Not sure I like it still, but I'm picking my battles here. She asked my opinion and I gave it. I liked all the pieces she was wearing, just not all together. She moved on to dad, who proceeded to tell her about the same. Yet in the end informed us that she "liked it" and that is what really counted. Hey, she was modest and certainly covered up!!! :) Not much we can argue about in that area. However, being the worry wort that I am, I was nervous all day about first day of school first impressions. That afternoon I asked if anyone commented on her outfit (holding my breath) and she informed me that her "bestest" friend loved it and another girl liked her socks. So there you have it...what do moms really know anyway?!!!

The funny thing is, several teased her in a playful way about going "goth" in her style, because of the all black attire. Evidently if you wear black you are making a statement these days. Who knew? Does that mean I have to get rid of all my black, "because black is slimming," clothes? No. I was informed it was just a teenage thing. Whew! That's a relief. As for Kayla, the next day, she wore a magenta Aeropostale t-shirt and green jacket and her paperclip I guess all playful teasing was put to rest.

Last night we went out to eat with my mother and father-in-law. It was a belated celebration meal for my in law's anniversary that they celebrated last week. Can't top eating a good steak and potato in this girl's book. Sorry sis, I didn't take a picture of the food. Jordan had the camera out and after five minutes of flashing he was told, by his dad, to put it up. We ended up with one decent shot...the happy couple.

Well, I didn't send this post out this morning like I planned, so I decided to add a few more pictures tonight.

Kayla had a birthday party to go to tonight. Her friend was hosting a murder mystery night, where they all had to come dressed and in character. Kayla was "Zeta Zarbo" a young wanna be actress of the twenties. Unfortunately, I didn't have time or the funds to find her a real "Flapper" style dress, but found this dress in her closet. I had bought it for her to go to the Christmas dance last year, but it wasn't her favorite and we were able to find something she liked better. It has been hanging there all that time and finally had a place to go. I thought the length and style was close to twenties fashion. Anyway, I thought she looked darling all decked out.

As for what I did while my family was either fishing or solving a murder... I watched The "Hannah Montana" movie. Cute. It was nice having something you could just watch, not flinch when a questionable word was said, have to think real hard to decide "who done it" or sit there and cry. I loved just sitting there in my big comfy chair with a bag of chips, my Sprite and the flicker to myself. However, I think God has a sense of humor after all. I have heard her new song over and over on commercials, as ring tones and even in stores, but I never really listened to the words before. Until today. This life I am living is certainly a "climb" and I'm blessed to be living it. Just because I want to share a little of the love, here are a few of the words so you too can get it in your head and sing it over and over...

I can almost see it

That dream I'm dreaming but

There's a voice inside my head sayin,

You'll never reach it,

Every step I'm taking, Every move I make feels

Lost with no direction

My faith is shaking but I Got to keep trying Got to keep my head held high

There's always going to be another mountain I'm always going to want to make it move

Always going to be an uphill battle, Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,

Ain't about how fast I get there, Ain't about what's waiting on the other side

It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing, The chances I'm taking

Sometimes they knock me down but No I'm not breaking

I may not know it But these are the moments that I'm going to remember most

yeah Just got to keep going And I,

I got to be strong

("The Climb" by Hannah Montana)

Is it stuck in your head,yet? Your welcome! :)


Kendra Lee said...

1) Your children are adorable!!
2) Oh - I can relate... my darlings will bust out some outfit that they think is 'all the rage' and I'm thinking.. whatever happened to matching???
3) Loved the Hannah Montana movie... LOVE the song "The Climb"... watched it back in the spring and blogged about it (blush)... but teared up once again as we watched the DVD the other night... even hubby did (don't tell anyone ;)!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I do like that song. Very good message for this day and the kids. Very positive. I think your daughter does have a style of her own...but cute. I love the vest and those shoes. Super cute. Great costume for her party too.
I love first day of school pics. Awesome memories.

Gretchen said...

They're both cute as buttons, but you don't have to tell them I said that. It's probably not cool or something.

Andrea said...

awesome pictures!
Blessings, andrea

Mocha Momma said...

Great pictures. Your kids are sweet. I love the white dress with black accents on your daughter.

I get to flinch in a week about what my kids will wear, if the teachers don't go on strike.

Jim said...

One more year has begun!
In just a little it'l be done?
Where do they go?
How can we know?
How can we stop, at least to slow,
The children as they rush to grow?
You did it, too,
You and sisteroo,
You started, but so quickly grew,
So fast that mom and I barely knew.
But take heart, oh daughter mine,
For if they grow like you, it's fine.
You'll look back on these days and shine,
Because they've "written" like you and rhyme.
Now, I don't know how I started this.
I had a point, you didn't miss?
But since time's short, I'll finish, Sis,
And simply send this "butterfly" kiss!

Love you,

Amber said...

They look great!!!!

And, seriously, Kay's outfit coulda been worse....

Her contacts make her look SO grownup.

And...I watched Hannah Montana on Friday night. IT WAS SO GOOD!! I'm definitely buying it!!!

Love you.

And, is still broken. I have to send it for repair. So, I steal Kirk's and Keaton's when I can....bummer.

Heart2Heart said...


OK. Not a Hannah Montana fan at all. Perhaps its all the over exposure we get here at home, but I am just not that into her.

I do love that you hosted a murder mystery, I was hoping to get more details on how that went so we could do that for Cait's 17th???

We have 4 more days and then school begins and I am cringing, no more late mornings, no more stay up as long as you want nights. I hate responsibility sometimes.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

S and J said...

Your kids are getting so grown up looking!!! Great pictures.

And that song...I love the words to it. We were in a borrowed car going to 'town' on Saturday and scanned the radio for some good praise songs. We came across this one and the kids squealed. It was funny to hear the kids get so excited about hearing a familiar song after being radio deprived for about 2 months now! And I enjoyed hearing the words from the perspective of life here. Thanks for reminding me of a happy memory! :o)

mimi said...

Love the back to school looks...and the murder mystery ensemble. Very cute!

christy rose said...

Yes! Now it is stuck in my head! Thanks! Loved the movie and the song though!

Your kids are cute Mich! I like that costume your daughter was wearing for the party. That was really cute too!