Monday, July 14, 2008

Ask and it shall be given...

Today was our first day of Vacation Bible School... FUN! My family loves it! In years past, at the previous church, Kevin and I have been in charge of it for the past 6 years. It was great! We loved finding out what the theme was, decorating the stage, planning the themed events and watching our kids have the time of their life! Then when we were blessed to see little children come to know the Lord, well it was ... perfect!

Did I say that we did VBS perfectly? No! I know I didn't, for every year the Lord taught me something I needed to know... this year would not be different.

It has been hard for me this year, for a part of me does miss that leadership role, while the other part of me is welcoming the nice break. However, you know, that if you have ever been in charge of anything, it is hard not to have an opinion on how others do the same job. This has been a struggle for me. I now live in a new place, new church, new friends and peers, new way of doing VBS!!!

I'm not going to say anything negative right now, for who am I to really judge what the "correct" way to do VBS really is? Have I learned a few things along the way that could help... YES! However, you know as well as I do, that is a big fat no - no too! I hated all the "friendly advice" people would shower on me, while I was in charge, so I hardly think it would be nice to return the favor. Oh, but it is sooooo hard sometimes to keep my big mouth shut!

The reality is that "I" being the "new girl" and a little bit ignorant of how they do things at my new church, didn't have the greatest of days. Yet, my children had the time of their lives and loved it! In the end, that is what makes a good VBS...

I was talking to a lady in my church today, telling her that God was certainly trying to teach me patience and how to "go with the flow." If you know me, you know I'm not a fly by the seat of your pants type of girl. I don't like surprises. Yet all day today, I was faced with one "big" surprise after another. Anyway my wise friend asked me if I had asked God for patience, to which I replied, "yes I did" Her comment was simply this, "Well, you are the one that asked for patience, so you can't fuss now! Don't you know that God's way of giving us something, many times comes in teaching form?" Oh, how true!

She is right...I certainly asked for patience? And the Lord answered my cry and showed me multiple ways in which I should show my patience all day! Dare I ask for more patience tomorrow?

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Amber said...

Hope today and the rest of the week goes better.

I'm just like, I know that you are really struggling. I'll be praying for you. I know it has to be tough.

Kids are really excited about coming to your house!