Friday, July 4, 2008

Rolling Through Ministry...

One Sunday morning we got out of bed, went about our normal routine in order to get ready for church, then got in the car. As we circled around the front of our house we were met with a big surprise... Our house had been rolled!!!

You have to understand, in youth ministry, this is a compliment. The fact that the teenagers thought of us during their night activities meant something. I had that brief Sally Field moment where I wanted to shout, "They like me, they really like me!" Of course that thought was quickly replaced with, "oh no, they like me... what is going to happen next?"

Being new to town and this youth group, we never could find out the names of our dear "rollers." They are still testing us for our reactions to different situations... but I thought it was great! Well, scratch that... I was honored for a moment, that is until we had to clean it up!!!

I will say in youth ministry is never boring! You never know what is waiting to "roll" around the corner...

Kayla and Kevin cleaning up the yard.

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Amber said...

Ha Ha!!

No wait I'm not done laughing.

Ha Ha!!