Monday, July 7, 2008

He's trying to tell me something...

Sometimes I wish God would just send me the "burning bush." That way this blind, thick headed, child of his with cotton in her ears, might actually start to pay attention and listen to what he wants to tell her! Have you ever realized that your being reminded of something over and over? Finally, it hits you over the head, knocks you out and you sit up with a light bulb plastered above your head, realizing your having an "ahhh haaa" moment? Welcome to the last few weeks of my life...

It started pretty simple... while cleaning, I found a crumpled up piece of paper with a scriptures written on it. Later that night I'm reading a book by Francine Rivers, a wonderful Christian writer, and I'm impressed how the characters in her book, although fictional, pray with such faith and scripture knowledge. I'm feeling a little jealous of a character in a book!!!

The next day, while unpacking another box, I find one of those "pass it on" message cards, it has the verse Psalm 119:105. (Thy word is a lamp unto my feet...) I put it on my bulletin board without a thought; now it stares at me everyday, while I am typing away!

A few days ago, I get on Beth Moore's blog...I love to read what she and her girls have to say.
They have started a scripture memory contest kind of thing...

Then Saturday, I'm preparing to teach a Sunday School lesson. It happens to be on Stephen and Paul. As I'm studying about not being "ashamed" of you faith, I'm pouring through my Bible, frustrated, because I've drawn a "blank" as to the location of a verse I just knew, I knew. Unfortunately, either age is starting to affect my brain power or I just have to admit that scripture knowledge has never been a strong point with me. Do I get a star if I admit the truth and stop trying to blame my age? After all, with age comes wisdom, right?

Did I tell you that my pastor has been preaching on scripture memory, wanting the whole congregation to memorize a verse every week?

Maybe my burning bush came in the form of my oldest child. She came home from church and went to the computer, typing out her favorite verses in pretty colors and fonts. "What are you doing?" I ask. "I'm going to hang these around my room, to help me remember them." was her answer.

Yep, I wouldn't listen when God sent me a note. I didn't listen when he sent great messengers; a wonderful author, a great woman of faith, my pastor. No, I didn't even acknowledge I had a problem while in the midst of my frustration. So he got down and dirty with me...he sent my child.

There is a reason Jesus said "Let the little children come to me..." When they believe in something, it is simple and uncomplicated. My daughter heard God's voice, listened and obeyed.

Okay! If you haven't already guessed... I have a problem with memorizing scripture and keeping it there. Memorizing anything is difficult for me and short term, ask my family! I can't remember phone numbers unless you've had the same one for ten years! In school, I did a great job of studying for the test, only to let all knowledge walk out the back door of my brain, when I put my pencil down. I'm constantly second guessing my memory of things, going back and looking things up, checking twice... you get the picture! But I've always had this desire to do better. I've bought books & memory cards, taped scripture to the mirrors and I even have verses on signs, pictures and plaques decorating my house. I have found comfort in all of those things...yet I've come to realize, that unless I decorate the walls of my brain with their power, a sign on the wall of my living room seems fake and fruitless.

I almost feel like I'm in school again...dragging my feet over homework. "It's hard for me!" I want to cry out! Then I'm reminded of the verse that I encouraged the kids to learn and hold close in Sunday School...Philippians 4:13. Ouch! Again, he knocks me down a little...

Moral of my story... you better get the cotton out of your ears! When God wants to tell you something, he will get his message across. Even if he has to humble you a little while doing it!
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he has been trying to tell me something!

Say a prayer for me... I'm going to try and do some much needed "homework" this week.

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Amber said... did get "Spiritual" in this one.

I have the same problem. What is it about us Bryant girls? I'm terrible at memorizing Scripture. I guess I'm like you...just need to get down to it and do it. But, it is so hard for me!!!

Let me know how it goes.