Friday, July 11, 2008

I take it back! I don't hate my dryer!

My dryer went out today. After checking the same load of clothes three times, I finally realized something was wrong. It's running...there's just not any heat! Of course these things never happen at the right time.

My husband has an out of town wedding to sing at, so it was his clothes. He wants to leave at 12:00... it is 10:30 when I discover the problem. Thankfully, I now live in the same town as my mother-in-law, so I raced over there and put the load in her dryer. Realizing I don't have time to dry the other load sitting in the washer, before he leaves, I run to Walmart and buy dress socks. Now I'm left trying to help him pack... with the bag at our house, and clothes in my mother-in-law's dryer... it's tricky.

In the mean time, I just want to cry. Why now? Why today? I'm trying to wash and pack, he's leaving town, so he doesn't have time to check the dryer out and it's almost the weekend, so how can I get it fixed? I have to take a moment and relax!

How many times have I walked by that dryer, used that dryer, even hated that dryer because of the work it represented? Lots! You can ask my family... laundry is not my thing! Yet now that it's not working, I'm sad, almost in tears, because I've lost something that is important in our family's day to day life. If you have kids, you know what I mean! (My son changes clothes three times a day!)

There is a lesson here to be learned. How many times do I take what I have for granted? After all, how many mothers in this world have it harder than I? I can still remember my Granny washing her clothes in the back yard, on her ringer washing machine and hanging her clothes on the line...

Do I need this headache right now? NO! Yet, I can be thankful. Even though it is not convenient, I really don't have the extra money to fix it or buy a new machine, and it's just my nature to worry about things... I'm going to try and let go of the situation. It may just be a dryer, but I also know that nothing is too small or big, for my God to handle.

Of course, if we show up in wet clothes for church Sunday morning, you will know why.:)

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Amber said...

Oh No! I'm so sorry. Ours went out a couple of years ago. What a headache!

Did you get it fixed?