Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tired...but Thankful!

I'm tired! Today has been one of those days when you are not given the chance to sit down once! Yet, I learned a good lesson on being thankful!

My day went pretty much like this...

Got up, did the normal morning routine...then washed 3 three loads of laundry, straightened up my room and bed and then checked my mail and email. Ok, I lied, I did get to sit down for 15 min... SORRY! Then I took one load of clothes to my mother-in-law to dry and took the other two to the local laundromat.

This was not my first time shuffling over quarters in order to have clean clothes, but I'm still sad my dryer is not working right. However, as I sit and watch the MANY different people coming and going, all ages, shapes and sizes, that "still small voice' whispers a lesson to be learned. Here were so many different individuals going about their normal routine, with no complaints and I'm fussing because I "just have to use two dryers!" Nothing like watching a whole family come in with five baskets of laundry to put things in perspective! As I was sitting there, I started to feel "thankful." I truly have so much, and I take so much for granted on a daily basis!!!

After the clothes were done, I went to the church to decorate my VBS room. Although, I'm happy with the results (I'll show a picture later) it was definitely a lot of work! Of course I have no one to blame but myself... I'm the one that wanted to cover all the walls in blue paper. I'm the one that wanted to hang streamers from the ceiling. I'm the one that wanted ... get the picture? And did I mention my husband is gone, so I had to in list the kids as my helpers? After they stopped fighting they actually ended up helping me a lot, however it just takes twice as long to do anything when you have to shout "settle down" every 5 minutes! Of course, in the end, another lesson was to be learned...

I was at the doorway to the classroom, watching my kids work and got "happy!" I was happy, because even though the room wasn't perfect, it was decorated for kids, by kids. They were proud and even stated they thought "our" room was decorated the best. Of course not everyone is finished decorating, and it is not a competition in any form, but I couldn't help but agree with them, just a little. It made me regret how many times I had told my children, they couldn't do something , just because I longed for perfection. Good grief! My Heavenly Father would never bless me with responsibility, if perfection was a requirement!!! Lesson learned!

After decorating, I went by Taco Bell to pick up dinner, (Dad's not home, I'm not cooking!) then swung by my in-law's to pick up my laundry. I was given a big sack of fresh tomatoes...YUM! I know my sister is jealous to hear that little tidbit! Where's the salt shaker, I'm ready to have one of those tasty treats right now!

My kids want me to watch a movie with them... I might just do that. I deserve a few minutes with my feet up. Only a few moments, though... I still need to pick up the living room, load the dishwasher, and find clothes for church tomorrow (hope they are clean!)...

I'm tired, but thankful. God is good. He manages to show me the blessings among the difficulties, no matter how big or small. Today was long... yet I can go to bed peacefully tonight, knowing I accomplished what I set out to do and even learned a little about myself and God along the way!

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Amber said...

I want tomatoes!!!!!!! So jealous of you. Yummy!!