Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yard Work...A Reason You Have Kids?

Yard work... Ugh! It seems you mow and mow, just to have to turn around and do it again. Fortunately, my husband enjoys it. He was one of those kids that always had about ten yards to mow in the summertime. His problem is finding the time now. I'm not much help either. If I stay too long in the grass, I tend to swell up bigger than Dallas, due to my allergies.

The great thing is... my kids are now fascinated with the lawn mower. They see it as a four wheeler with a job to do! When Kevin goes to do the yard work, my son is following close, hoping for a chance to mow. "Please Dad!"

Yesterday, the yard was pretty bad and it was going to take a while, so Kevin called Kayla to come help. Jordan sat and pouted. Kevin had said unless you can stop the mower, you can't mow. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Of course Jordan didn't see it that way... all he saw was the fact that his sister was getting to "ride" the lawnmower!

After Kayla mowed the back yard, which looked pretty much like aliens had come and landed, Kevin finally said he would let Jordan try. Set and determined to impress his dad, Jordan hoped up on the seat, sitting on the edge, so his legs could reach... he was so cute!

You know what? He did a pretty good job too! In that moment, I could see the future. Jordan, taking his dad's truck and trailer, loading up the mower and going to mow "his ten yards" during the hot summer.

I ask Kevin how the kids did, when they finished. "Pretty good," he said, "I knew there was a reason I had kids! Guess I had better get work out of them, while they still think it's fun!"

Our yard may not be perfect, but that's alright. Kevin had taken the time to hand down "valuable daddy wisdom" while spending time with our kids. They thought it was great! And when they were finished, all hot and sweaty, he rewarded their efforts and took them swimming!

Queen of the mower...
A little help from dad... My little boy is growing up...

Picking up branches...


Amber said...

I mowed the yard last night. Can't wait until the kids are old enough to do it for me!! They can't wait, but I think that is still a few years away.

Kirk says the same thing..."We had kids so that they eventually can do all the jobs that we hate to do!"

keaton said...

Hey, Aunt Michele...this is for Jordan.

Hey Jordan. Just wanted to say "hey." I can't wait for you to come to my house. Mom said that we can go to the WaterPark a lot. There is a cool blue slide there. You are probably old enough to go on the red slide and on the diving board. See ya then.