Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paying Bills

There is nothing better to put you in your place, bring your head out of the clouds and totally wake you up from la la land than paying bills. Depressing! I don't think it matters how much money I have in the bank... it could be a good week or a very, very, very sad week as far as the bank statement goes and I still can't find "joy" in writing those checks.

Where does it all go? I know gas has been high. Milk is high. Doing anything for fun these days costs an arm and a leg (unless your my sister and live next to the "free to enjoy" lake!). It seems like our paycheck is spent before I've even have a chance to deposit it! Ugh! What else can I say?

If you haven't already guessed... it was payday for us today, which means I payed bills. Which means I was definitely not the "fun" mom today!!! My son is ready to go back to his aunt's house...

However, the silver lining is that, just when I think things seem about hopeless, God sends me a hug! I really can't share what form my "hug from God" took today, but let me say this... I serve a MIGHTY God, who takes care of his own! (And no, I didn't win the lottery!!!)

Matthew 6: 19-34 ... Read this and remind yourself how much the Lord cares!

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Amber said...

Ugh...I have to do that, too.

Well, Jordan's aunt doesn't have anymore money, so it wouldn't be too fun around here this week! Unless we went to the lake!!!! :)

Glad God hugged you! Love it when He does that!!