Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hugs from my children...

Any parent knows, you're going to have your good days and your bad days with your children. There are those days when it seems the fighting will never stop. And then there are those moments that are truly just gifts from God...there is no other way to explain it.

My daughter has entered the "tween" years. Daily we are now greeted with mood swings, disrespect, running of the mouth and a whole lot of other scary things that are hints of what is yet to come. Can I have my baby back, now? PLEASE!

However, on good days, it is wonderful. God has graced my child with such an understanding of the human heart. She has such compassion for others. She becomes my little warrior princess, ready to defend the less fortunate. Right now she still sees everything as black and white. If only that big heart of hers would extend to her younger brother, then I would truly be happy as a mom!

Earlier this week, the moodiness took over our household. I'm surprised I still have hair. I tend to want to cry out, "Am I the only mom that feels this way!" Is it a sin for me to want my children to go back to school, so I can have peace and quiet?

Yet, last night I was given two "hugs." I'm not talking about , "put your arms around me and squeeze tight" hugs. I'm talking about those precious moments that come your way, that can only be God inspired, that let you know you are not totally a failure as a mom.

My first hug came from my daughter. I had had a headache yesterday, so I decided to lay in my bed, read a little and watch some TV. Out of the blue she comes in my room, crawls in bed with me and stays. At first I thought she just wanted something, yet soon realized as she snuggled closer... she just wanted to be with me, her mom. For two hours, we talked, giggled, snuggled and just enjoyed the moment. If you have a teen or tween, you know this was rare and special. After all, they are usually in their room with the door shut and the music loud. When she got up and finally said goodnight, I felt like I had been hugged tightly.

My next hug came from my son. As I was putting a few things away, getting ready for bed, I found a note. It was from a few weeks ago, written on race car stationary. It said; "Dear Mom, I wanted to help you with the laundry. Hope this helps. Love, Jordan." I had come home one day and found a laundry basket sitting on my bed, with clothes "kind of' folded" inside. On top laid this note. I remember thanking him and giving him a hug then, but God reused that note to speak to me last night. Believe me, JORDAN doing the laundry... yes that was certainly God's doing!

I am so thankful for my children. And when parenting gets tough, I'm thankful for a God who sends me "hugs" to remind me of my blessings.

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Amber said...

So sweet.

I would've cried.