Sunday, March 29, 2009

All in the name of baseball...

My son loves his long hair. If I'm truly honest, there are days when it lays just right and I kind of like it too. But not during baseball season. Long hair and baseball caps and helmets just don't go together. Long hair and hot spring and summer nights on the field , don't go together. No, my young man may look cool with his long locks part of the year, but when it is time for baseball, it's time for a trim.
He got one last Wednesday. I would have written about it then, but I didn't have a good picture yet. Funny thing is, he is still having to get use to fixing his hair. Long hair is actually easier for him to fix, believe it or not, because his hair is really thick and just lays down. When it is short, well old mister rooster tail wants to stand up. I hadn't realized he was having a "bad hair day" until I sat beside him in church this morning. He leaned up, I looked over and then came the giggles...

"Mom, you laughing at my hair?"

"Noooo!!!" ( Smirk. Smirk.)

"You are laughing at my hair! Is it bad?"

"Noooo!!!" (Smirk. Smirk.)

"What's it doing?"

"Standing straight up."

"Oh..." (Shrug)

And there you have it. Boys! If he had been a girl he would have definitely reacted differently. If he had been an older teenage boy, he might have reacted differently. No, he is still my young ten year old son for now. I have to smile...

I am totally in love with this boy whether he has long locks or has decided to share his head with a rooster.

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Amber said...

It's cute! But I liked his long looks really good on him!

I'll have to tell Keaton that Jordan cut his hair....he is still begging for long hair. Maybe this will help my case!! :)