Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Its my Life!!!"

"It's MY LIFE!"

Remember the days when you thought it, said it, even yelled it? Oh, the glorious teenage years! Those were certainly the days! I have so many GREAT memories, yet I also remember the "blown way out of proportion" teenage troubles too. A bad hair day in the '80's was enough reason for me to just want to go back to bed!!! ( After all, it was certainly all about the Hair in the 1980's. ) There were certainly moments, when I look back, that I am amazed my parents didn't go insane. Do teenagers want to mouth off just for the fun of it?

Well, I have entered the "zone." My precious baby girl is officially 12 and a half years old. Ugh! Of course I do not know what is ahead for already she is opinionated, stubborn, and MOUTHY!!! Everyday I try to go back and remember what she might be feeling, why she responds the way she does to certain things, digging deep to find compassion and understanding, because after all I was a young teenage girl at one time too. I think it is important to find the the things we have "in common." I think it is important to find things that we both like and enjoy.

I don't know how long it will last, but right now our common thread is MUSIC. My daughter has been finding new "songs" on YouTube to listen to. Funny thing is that there seems to be a common thread in her music selections... the 1980's. Yes, I will say it again, my daughter loves '80's music. Oh be still my heart! When I hear her singing and learning to play on the piano songs by Heart, Roxette, and of course my favorite man Jon Bon Jovi, well it takes me back in time to another place and time. The music will come out of her room in a volume of earth shattering degrees and all I can do is smile. Many of those songs make me happy. If only for the memories they old.

Today, Kayla was singing to Bon Jovi's "It's My Life." Although not one of their '80's hits, still a favorite of mine. It made me want to get out of my chair and dance. Yeah, it is my life and I am going to try everyday to make something of it. Hopefully that means spending time and loving on my girl everyday along the way as long as she will allow me to.

I think it is time for some kitchen dancing! Kayla, me and our friend Jon. Want to join us?

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Amber said...

Now if we can only get her hooked on Debbie Gibson!!!