Monday, March 9, 2009

This Mom asks WHY???

Let me start this post with a simple "I love my children." I still remember being pregnant with each one (kinda wish they could remember what I went through!) and picking out the perfect name (although does any kid grow up liking their own name?) and the joy that I felt when they finally decided to enter the world crying (Kayla was two weeks late, I was crying!!!).
In other words I count my children among my biggest blessings, so undeserved...well I'm actually humbled sometimes that the Lord saw me fit to raise these two...but that is another story...

Today, although I love my kids, totally wanted them, would give my life for them, etc... I'm tempted to put a sign on my lawn that says "Free Kids! Get one and then get another one free!" Do you ever have those days?

Here I am, recovering from having the tooth ordeal done, still enduring chipmunk cheeks, resting after attempting to do some cleaning today, when my kids come barreling in the door after school. Rather than hellos or how are you feeling I hear "Mom!!!" Not the good "I love you" mom, but rather I'm fixing to kill someone if you don't do something about it, mom.

The kids have been home for two hours and have argued, fought (yes, the kind where you get hurt!) tattled, fussed, bossed and now are laughing together watching Sponge Bob. Huh? How did they go from a "fight to the death" match, to "let's be best friends and watch TV together" in the space of 30 minutes? Did I miss something? Do they just do this for pleasure... "let's see how long it takes before Mom pulls her hair out and then stop!"

I have a friend who had had enough of her fussy boys one day, so she pulled over at the top of her dirt road and told them to get out and that they could walk the rest of the way home. She said if they needed to fuss, they could just do it without her! By the time they reached the house, they were best buds again, with stories to tell... they had somehow forgotten they had permission to fight on the way home!

I try to remember what went through my own head when I was younger, those days when I would hit my little sister one moment and then protect her in the next breathe. I guess that is childhood. Your sibling ends up being your frustration "punching bag" because you know they will still love you at the end of the day. Thanks Amb, for taking the emotional "hits" during our growing up years! I'm sure you endured many! (And gave your share back!)
I guess there are some things that are simply a part of growing up. After all, I would have to look at someone kind of funny, if they told me their kids never fought. That just isn't normal! The same look I give people, I guess, when they say I have good kids! I want to say; "Show up after school one might change your mind! In fact I would probably have to pay you to take them!" But inside it does make me feel good that in "public" my kids show restraint.
I just have to be oh, so thankful that they save the show for me...

There are just some things this Mom will never understand...

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Amber said...

You're welcome! Love ya!

I always giggle when people tell me that my kids are good....they have no idea, do they?!?!?