Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm ALIVE yet half as wise!

I'm a worry wort. I have some crazy childhood fears that like to come back and haunt me every once in a while. It all came to a head Friday morning. Kevin is driving me to the dentist (AGAIN!). Only this time it is the real! Do I even have to tell you I am scared to death?! Since the drive over there is over an hour and then I get there early, well I've had plenty of time to think about it too. I'm really trying to be a big girl...

They call me back, you will be proud to know I went back by myself, Kevin didn't have to hold my hand! The nurses put me in the chair and start to work, getting me ready for the dentist. Now, because of my fear of needles, one of my worries has been the IV. God had a plan to help me out...the other nurse put the blood pressure cuff on so tight that it HURT every time it went to read my blood pressure. My arm has a bruise from it! Anyway, I didn't even realize the other nurse had stuck me until it was a done deal. God has a sense of humor!

I really don't know much else, for after that I just remember Kevin helping me to the car...and I barely remember that!!! However, once the pain meds started wearing off, I HAVE FELT IT! So, I know they did something. I had one wisdom tooth taken out, yet besides pain, my main problem so far has been reactions to the medications. One makes me itch, one makes me feel like I could throw up and the gargling with salt water just plain tastes bad! How is a person suppose to rest with all that going on?

I'm on day three and still have some pain, but my faithful friend Tylenol is now helping me out. I look like a chipmunk with a very swollen cheek. ( No, I didn't take a picture, so you will just have to take my word on it.)

I did learn a few things about myself and my family during this experience... I can be a Big girl when I set my mind to it. Mom and Dad, I didn't make them chase me around the room!

My God is the God of peace. He provides it when we need it most!

My husband can take care of me. The man who runs for the hills when someone is sick, came through for me and has not fussed once about getting me something or helping his wobbly woman make it to the bathroom in time. He even cleaned house and washed clothes all day Friday since he had to stay at home with me. Gotta love him!

I also learned that kids are going to fight whether you are sick or not! I guess not everything makes itself perfect while mom is down and out! Jordan did make his mom gargle her salt water and cooked me some easy mac for dinner, since daddy had to be gone last night for a few hours. It does a Mother good to know that she is raising a nurturing son...

So, after great worry and stress, I'm ALIVE! However, I am still a little worried...after all, I am now down to two wisdom teeth. Does that mean I am only half as wise? I'm going to have to pray about that one, for this blond mom needs every ounce of wisdom she can get!

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Feel better soon!