Monday, March 30, 2009

A little of this and a little of that...

Here's an update of what's up in my life...

My cousin's funeral was today. It was very well attended. I am glad for it shows how loved she was. Thank you for your prayers.

I went to the dentist today...AGAIN!!! Still working on finishing the old root canal. Today was about putting in a temporary filling and making a mold for the crown. Two and a half hours of holding my mouth open, was NOT fun! I didn't feel real royal afterwards, either! :)

I went grocery shopping today. I have decided that I might as well leave my checkbook at the door...the store takes all my money anyway!!! Two hundred dollars in groceries today!!! Ugh!!! Of course that is because I am coming off spring break, and my kids were home. They ate, drank and used everything!!! I'm going to have to start saving now for summer groceries. Today I needed everything from paper towels, to ketchup to shampoo...yep! Out of everything!

By the way, on a side note, a certain Sonic today is on my sister's hit list. She was on the phone with me, while I was shopping and she was sitting at sonic. When they told her they were out of Diet Dr. Pepper, I was scared at what she might do... my sister loves her pineapple diet Dr. Pepper! She handled herself very well. You were very grown up about the whole thing, Amb. I'm so proud! How was the pineapple diet coke? :)

Tonight I fixed the most delicious dinner... I started by steering my grocery cart to the hot food bar at Walmart, whisked one lemon pepper rotisserie chicken into my cart, watched the lady whip me up some good 'ol mashed tators with gravy and then watched her scoop out some creamy mac and cheese. Oh but that is not all. If you know me at all, you know I topped it all off with some fried okra. Yes, I know it is not on my is not on anyone's diet for that matter. But I didn't care. It was good.

Did I tell you I got volunteered for another project at school for my son's class? Yep! That would be me, "MRS. PEOPLE PLEASER CAN'T SAY NO AND PEOPLE KNOW THAT!!!" Like I have time! However when your son's teacher and the lady that is President of the PTO this year both go to your church, well... kind of explains its self, doesn't it?

Our church is having someone come in view of a call this weekend for the position of music minister. I'm excited! However, I will say that I personally have enjoyed hearing my husband sing every Sunday morning, as he leads. But the truth is that this will bring the stress level down in his life. It has been hard juggling everything and feeling like you are not always doing your best in all areas.

I'm excited for my parents because they are on their way to selling their house. So happy for them!

Well, I guess that is all I know for now. Right now I'm just plain tired. It has certainly been a Monday! I think I will end the day by treating myself to an early bed time...oops! It is already almost ten. Oh well, there goes that plan...maybe tomorrow then. Goodnight everybody!

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Amber said...

See...I can behave myself every once in awhile! The Diet Coke was not half as good as the Diet D.P....but I still drank the whole thing.