Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The jury is still out...

I just got back home today from a mini two night trip visiting my parents. On the way to my parent's house we stopped by a Best Buy, so my husband could do a little "shopping." Funny, how it is OK to stop at a Best Buy for a "potty break" but the Target in front of it might be out of the question! Life can be so unfair sometimes!!! Honestly, I didn't even ask...this time.

Anyway, as we entered the store, Kayla and I went straight to the movie aisle. We were in search of the latest kid flick that my nephew wanted for his birthday. After finding the "talking dog" movie we turned around and low and behold, there it was... TWILIGHT. I thought Kayla was going to die of excitement right there. Her face said it all. Needless to say, we bought the movie.

The thing is my sister loves the books almost as much as my daughter does. Both have been trying to get me to read them, but for some reason I haven't been interested. It is comical to watch how excited they get, though. I told Kayla we needed to wait to watch the movie so her aunt could watch it too and she was a little torn. I mean, it was hard for her to wait a whole another day to watch the movie, yet there was an anticipation of watching with someone who appreciates Twilight as much as she did. She waited for her Auntie Amb.

Anyway, last night we all sat down to watch it. Kayla, my sister Amber, Kevin, my parents and me. It was cute. Kayla was so excited and couldn't even lay back and relax. She was quoting lines and telling us what was happening. Amber was giddy too, but a lot of help in understanding what was going on...after all I still haven't read the books! Although I could see why the movie and books have tongues a wagging, and after the movie was over I even wanted to know what happens next, I still can't say it is up there in my top ten list.

It is a love story, I will give everyone that. Yet, I don't know if it is up there with Pride and Prejudice. I may have to watch it again one of these days with my daughter...I'm sure it will be a $17.00 well spent on her behalf. It was entertaining, but I am still not in love with the whole vampire idea I guess. Call me a wuss, but I just don't like the idea of things jumping out at you or watching you sleep.... I think I will stick with my Mr. Darcy fantasy, thank you very much!

As for right now, the books are still not on my reading list, but I do enjoy watching and listening as my daughter tells me all about her "EDWARD."

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Amber said...

Girl...you don't know what you're missing. I'm telling you...the books are better.

And I'm still giddy with all kinds of excitement!

Glad you got to see me, too!