Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My latest addictions?

Many women would say that chocolate and coffee were their best friends...help them get through the stress of the day. Not me! But don't worry, this is not where I start proclaiming scripture and get all spiritual. I probably should in the best interest of all of us, but that is totally NOT what this little post is about.

No, I'm here to confess, for although I am not a chocolate lover (probably would be if I wasn't allergic!!!) and I don't like coffee (something my sis doesn't comprehend!) I do have a few little hang ups... Except for a good 'ol Sprite (I broke myself of caffeine a long time ago - had to because of the headaches), my addictions change from time to time. So, is it really considered an addiction? In my case, probably, because I practically live off my favorite somethin' until the next new thing comes around and then I wear my taste buds out with it too! However, here are my three latest favorite things. They taste good and help this "I eat when I am stressed" girl through the rough parts of my day.

I call them my Popsicles. Love them, but they really are an indulgence for me because they are a little on the expensive side. However, they have helped me watch my weight just a little. (I am proud to say I have lost 18 pounds since the first of January!) Of course on the rough days, it probably doesn't help when I eat the whole box!!! The best thing about them is that my kids don't like them...more for me, I say! I'm actually eating one right now...Mmmmm...

The kid in me loves some Sunny D. My new favorite flavor: ORANGE /STRAWBERRY. It is really good...Oh course I have to fight my kids over this one. Did you notice the empty jug? How can you not get happy drinking something with the word "sunny" in it. It makes me smile!

Absolutely the best jellybeans ever! I am constantly buying them, because I know I will be up a creek without a paddle after Easter. Do they even sell these year round? Have you heard of anyone stocking up on jellybeans? I may be the first.

So, if you are a little tired of the same old chocolate and coffee, you might give these little "bursts of pleasure a try. Of course I don't know if a jellybean can actually be compared to chocolate, unless of course you are me, but I thought I would share anyway!

Have a stress free day with a little Sunny D and a hand full of jellybeans on me!


Amber said...

All of your packages are yellow. You are a bright girl.

Don't like Sunny D, but I love me some Starburst Jelly Beans. And, no, there aren't any that are better.

Jim said...

My favorite thing to "crunch" on is a long pickle spear. You know the kind - the one the stork talks about. That's my common appetizer before meals and for a break once in a while. Did someone say that a little vinegar was good for you? Congrats on the pounds lost.
Love you,