Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just put it in my "I JUST DON"T GET IT FILE!"

As I roam the blog world lately, many of my friends have started making lists when they have nothing better to say. Well, I have plenty to say, but one line here and one line there, doesn't usually make for good reading, SO I am going to join my fellow bloggers and make a list... I am going to call my list: "Ten things I just don't get!"

10. How come I can bust my rear cleaning and walk into a room five minutes later and it is already messed up? I really have just about given up! I mean what is the use? I really do need maid service, if only I didn't feel like I had to pick up for the maid!

9. How come you can put "matching" socks in the washer and dryer, yet you never seem to have a matching pair when you take them out of the dryer?!!! I think I have bought I don't know how many packages of new socks in the past year, just to lose them after a washing. Good thing my kids now wear the same size as we all share.

8. How come I can go all morning without feeling hunger pains on a Saturday, yet the minute I enter Church or a meeting of any kind, my tummy rumbles as if I hadn't fed it in a week? Frustrating if not embarrassing!

7. I, as the Mom of the house can go all day without anyone needing anything from me, but the minute I lay down for a little nap, I'm greatly needed and bombarded with twenty questions... why is that? Is there some secret code they give children at birth that says: "Moms can't rest!"

6. Am I the only one that believes in keeping their commitments these days... the person who feels guilty if she doesn't follow through with what she said she would do? People who float in and out of the workplace, church and other activities, without a care in the world, bug me. I mean if the whole world acted like that then nothing would ever get done! Have you noticed that it is the SAME people that seem to do everything? Why is that?

5. Why do some people don't think they have to follow the rules? I know this one is kinda a continuation of #6, but I've had a hard few weeks, need to vent and just wish I knew WHY? It is no wonder why the people pleasers of this world often have depressing moments... Why can't life be fair?

4. Why when you buy a bag of chips, it is only half full? What am I paying for? AIR?!!! Is it a special kind of air?

3. Why is it that the one time you do not check your order at the fast food place, they get it wrong? Do they have special cameras to see if I'm paying attention or not?

2. How come the beautiful sunny weather comes out during the week, when you are forced to work and go to school, but the minute you start planning for the weekend, it turns cold and wet? Something just doesn't seem right about that! I mean, give me a break MR Weatherman! Don't you know Moms are suppose to be able to kick their kids outside to play on Saturdays?

1. This is the big one, the one that makes me extremely frustrated on a weekly basis... Why don't I own a part of Walmart by now, since of course, they take more than their share of my paycheck weekly?!!! I really do wish I had the time and a green thumb, I would try to grow my own chips and cookies! Anyone have a cow for sale?

Well, that is my attempt at a top ten. It might not mean anything to any one else, but I certainly feel a little better, to get it off my chest... thanks for allowing me to get on my "Why?" soapbox for just a minute or two. It is really good therapy! :)

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