Thursday, March 19, 2009

Idol madness...

I am guilty... I am a REALITY TV fan. I have been a devoted follower of Survivor since it's second season in Australia, watched Kelly Clarkson win the first American Idol title, loved Emmit Smith on Dancing with the Stars who knows how many seasons ago and of course I eat my Wendy's hamburger while watching The Biggest Loser every Tuesday night. Like I said, GUILTY!

This past Wednesday, American Idol... well I have to say I LOVED IT when Carrie Underwood sang with Randy Travis. First of all, Randy Travis is near and dear to my heart. He reminds me of my Grandpa for some reason. He is just a good 'ol CHRISTIAN country boy! Second, when I first met my husband, he started introducing me to the likes of Garth Brooks, Vince Gill and especially some Randy Travis. In fact the song Carrie and Randy sings is one of Kev's favorites. Like I said, near and dear to my heart...good memories!

I know Randy's voice isn't what it use to be, but It was just a "feel good moment" for me, watching that performance...loved it! That Carrie can sing!!!


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Girl, that Randy/Carrie song made me weepy! I have a soft spot for Randy Travis too...Wes "borrowed" the words to one of his songs when he proposed to me. And he serenaded me with "Forever and Ever Amen" at karaoke night a couple of weeks ago! :)

Amber said...

It was good stuff, wasn't it?! But what was up with the feather thing in her hair?!