Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All in the day and the life of a class mom...

Well you see it is like this, they have this organization at school call the PTO, which sadly I never volunteer for. Please do not judge me on this, for here is the thing...I end up having to work at the events anyway. I will just never sign up to be president!

This year my son's teacher and the PTO President both go to my church. I might as well have raised my white flag the first day of school and shouted, "I surrender!" What a year!

The latest responsibility that has fallen into my hands is organizing a basket for my son's class for the the upcoming Basket Auction. Each class picks a theme for a basket, then asks parents to bring items to put in the basket with that theme in mind. Not a bad idea, unless the parents in your class decide not to send anything and you have to have a detailed description of your basket ready for the PTO by Friday!!!

Actually that is not true. I had one parent give me five dollars to spend on something for the basket and another parent gave me three Webkinz animals. OK , I decided to change the theme and just have a Webkinz basket, so I go down to the gift shop to buy a few more stuffed animals. I couldn't find them, so finally I ask the salesclerk. They are no longer selling them, but she asks the lady behind the counter just to make sure. I then realize it is my friend, the one who donated the three Webkinz in the first place and she happens to be working at the gift store today.

To make a short story even shorter, before I knew it she and the owner went in "back" and brought out 20 Webkinz, and 13 packages of the Webkinz trading cards. The store owner who is very generous with a big heart DONATED them all for the class basket. And then told me that they would fix the basket for me.

It doesn't get much better than that. I went from having hardly an idea for a basket to a basket worth more than two hundred dollars all in the space of fifteen minutes. Yeah!

I guess it is all in who you know and I was one lucky class mom. Scratch that...I was one very BLESSED class mom.


Amber said...

Lucky ducky. Someone is going to be in HEAVEN when they get that basket!!!!!!

Jim said...

What's the object or goal of the Basket Auction? Does the basket go to a person of need, or is it "auctioned" and the money given for a special purpose?

In any case, you happen to be a person who exudes graciousness and willingness to go beyond the norm in "your call to duty" and it is no wonder that people call upon you. They know they can trust your judgement and dependability to do your best. I think you get that from your mom, the perfectionist, and I sincerely mean that in a good way. The main pressure comes from you.
I love you.

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

Love it when that happens!!! :)

Mich said...

Dad, the auction is for new playground equipement, I think. Either that or the learning garden they have been working on.