Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Searching for the Energizer Bunny!

Since last week we have been going and going and going. However, unfortunately I AM NOT the Energizer bunny!!! In other words I am just plain tired. I'm cheering on today, because we are half way through this crazy week.

As you know, when you have children, your time is no longer yours...

Baseball. I am not a die hard fan like my sister. However, once I get there I enjoy the spirit of the game. Oh, let's be honest...I just go for the nachos!!! That is what I had for dinner last night while watching this guy. It's he cute?!

Yeah! He made a good solid hit in last night's game, unfortunately he has this way of hitting it towards first base every time. He has another game Friday.

I will not be at the game Friday, because this mom is going to be sweet and let daddy dearest off the hook. Kayla's dance recital is Friday night too. You can imagine which one dad wants to go to! Let's see...dance recital or baseball game? Believe me it was a very hard decision for him. :)

As for dance, by the time it is all over I will have seen umpteen girls dancing in tutus. Kayla had dress rehearsal Monday night...I was there for three hours!!! Her three dances will be Friday night. However, she is in the opening number for all three recitals, which means I get the honor and privilege of going to those too. We do get to leave after she dances on the Saturday performances, but since I have some senior girls from our youth group dancing Saturday night, I'm going to try and stay to see them. This weekend I will be danced out!!! Energizer bunny, where are you?!!!

Other news...

Kayla is taking French. The high school is offering a 6 week course, one day a week, after school. It is for the 6Th grade students. She had her choice between Spanish or French. I told her she needed to learn Spanish. She told me that she planned to learn both. OK. Hope she is better than I ever was at languages... I took both French and Spanish and remember almost nothing. She went yesterday and had a blast!

Jordan is painting a bench. He won an art contest and was one of the students selected to paint a bench in the new learning garden at school. HE is so excited! They are having a dedication ceremony on Friday. I have to work, but I'm hoping I can talk Kev into carrying a camera for me. My son painted one of the benches in the new garden, how cool is that?!

I went to the dentist Tuesday. She fixed a filling that had gone bad and took care of a cavity in another tooth. The crazy thing is that when she first started working on my mouth, I felt a shoot of pain that made me jump. She gave me another shot. It took three!!! I now have a bruise on my cheek. Moral of this story, go to the dentist...often. If you wait like me, you never leave the office and your wallet is drained dry.

Tonight was youth. I am soooo glad we meet on Wednesdays. I need that "lift" halfway through the week. My husband has started a series on Joseph. He was talking about how to know God truly cares when things don't always go like we think they should. God has a plan even through the difficult moments of our lives...can I get a big AMEN?! As my husband likes to say; "I think he was drinking my koolaid" tonight!!!

On that note, I had better go get my beauty sleep. Dark circles under my eyes would be too "matchy matchy" with my bruised cheek. I have a full day tomorrow too. Although it is my one "free" night from spectating and cheering for my kids, I have as my sister likes to say a "mountain of laundry" to do and a sink full of dirty dishes. ( How is it, if we are never home, we still find time to mess up every glass in the cabinet?)

Hope you have a great day tomorrow!


Christi said...

In reference to your recent comment on my blog...YES...my kids DO have some "less than wonderful" moments!! Don't they all?!?! :)

They don't hold a candle to the memories that Corey and I both have of going round and round with our sisters, but they most certainly have made us cross our eyes in frustrtion at times!

Your kids sure ARE keeping you busy!

It is great that they are enjoying themselves, and doing well! Fun memories!

Caylie took dance for just a short time, and to this day, she regrets quitting. She still wants to try to get back into lessons, but I just don't know if we will be add it at this point, with all of the other things that she likes to do!

Hope you have a fast reovery from the dental work.

Jim said...

Ouch! I could feel it with you and I flinched when I read it. I do hope you are getting better soon.
Love you.

snoodlings.com said...

Makes me tired just reading about it!

Anna isn't taking dance this year but she will again when we move. She had her first recital last year. You could tell the veteran moms. They came totally prepared with supplies for the endless recital. The newbie moms (like me) were clueless.

Mine are starting t-ball and baseball next week. It's a first for all of us. I'm so very excited!!

Amber said...

I feel your pain, sister. I meet myself coming and going. And it's only April!!

Wish I could come watch Kay dance.
Pictures, please.