Thursday, April 16, 2009

My daughter's "soapbox"

Here lately, I would say my daughter has had ENOUGH! Everyday this week she has come home frustrated from school or church, because she has gotten into an argument of some kind. Now normally I would be frustrated with her. I tend to be a peacemaker. However, after hearing what she is fighting for...well this mom is just a little proud. Actually scratch that! I'm A LOT proud!

I thought I would share two of the examples with you.

Example #1:

We were in the car last night, getting a quick bite to eat after church. When out of the blue Kayla says she thinks she might have lost a friend tonight. Of course I wanted to know in "detail" what she was talking about. She preceded to tell me about a "fight/conversation" that happened between two of her friends. And then told me how she ended up in the middle... Here is their conversation.

I'm going to call her friends "Betty" and "Veronica."

Veronica is talking to Betty:
"I can't believe you wore those clothes tonight. You have the ugliest clothes. How do expect anyone to like you or want to be your friend if you come here looking like that all the time."

Betty remains silent, about to cry.

Veronica keeps at it until Kayla has had enough.

"Why can't you just be nice. Just leave her alone."

Veronica responds with a "you sound like someones mother!"

Kayla responds with a " at least I'm trying to act mature, while you are being immature!!!" (She is her daddy's girl! She can come back with a comeback every time.)

Veronica says that maybe Kayla should just go ahead and be friends with Betty. "Maybe you don't deserve to hang with us anymore!"

Kayla, although hurt, was more angry at the actions of her friend. Although I didn't praise her for fighting back, I did tell her I was proud she stood up for a friend, someone who doesn't have much, at the risk of losing friendships. Girls can be so mean at times.

I love this girl! She can frustrate me one minute, yet will turn around and do something like this...

Example #2:

I guess it is safe to say, that my daughter is Pro life.

Now before I go on with my story I am not going to apologize if you are reading this and are Pro choice. We will just have to agree to disagree on this subject, for my family and I do not believe in terminating a baby's life at any stage. (And I do believe that it is a baby at the time of conception. I also believe that most mothers, if it came down to it would give their life for their child, so save that argument.) I have taught my daughter my beliefs, yet I know she will have to make her own choices in life and decide what she truly believes in for herself. Today, she pretty much let her friends and me know that she is a Pro life advocate.

She started the conversation with a "my friends are STUPID!!!" Now in our family the use of the word stupid had better be selective and never used in calling someone a name, so of course I was going to get to the bottom of why she decided that her lunch buddies at school were "STUPID." Let me start with the fact that in my mind the "jury is still out" on a couple of friends. Not that they are bad kids. I trust them and their families to a point. They even all go to church, however, some of them have a few beliefs that are different than ours. This became apparent one day at school to my 12 year old.

Evidently her and a friend got into a heated debate over abortion. Yep! That is a tough one. Her friend believes in Pro choice. Kayla did not like this one bit. Even when she realized that all her lunch buddies believed the opposite of her, she did not back down. She stood her ground on what she believed, even when she was outnumbered. No matter what issue the debate was on, the fact that she stood strong while standing alone, made my heart beam with pride. There is hope that she might survive the teenage years after all!!!

She was telling me of all their arguments and how she responded...have I told you how proud I am?!!!

As I was saying before, I'm not here to debate the issue in this post. I'm simply having a proud mama moment. However, maybe I should take a lesson from my daughter's book and not be afraid to stand up for what I believe...even if it does cost me a reader or two!

Yep! I think I will just jump right up there on that soapbox with Kayla! No apologies...


Amber said...

That's our girl!!!

I heart that kid.

Jo said...

My great niece IS a GREAT niece! Tell her that Aunt Jo is proud of her!

Jim said...

I have always wondered how they came up with GREAT and GRAND to describe the 2nd, 3rd, etc. generation's relationship to those before them. Now I know. They are like KAYLA - GREAT and GRAND!!!!
Proud of you, Kay!

Christi said...

I would be proud too! It is great that she is not afraid to "stand alone" for what she believes in. You are right, if she knows how to stand strong now, then she will be more likely to keep doing it when she is a teenager!

S and J said...

WOW, WOW, SHOULD be proud!!

Jenny Sipes said...

Go Kayla!! She is one awesome kid!! To stand up for what YOU believe when NO ONE else believes the same takes courage. Way to go!

I would have to be a proud mama too Michele, that is awesome said...

It's HUGE to know that even when Mama's not standing right behind her your daughter has enough confidence in what she believes is right that she can take a stand! Somebody must be learning that girl right! ;)

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Hey Mich! Don't worry about mailing them. You can just give them to Amber next time you guys see each other. It's no big deal at all. Thanks so much for doing that for me!