Saturday, April 18, 2009

My "Nemesis" was going down!

Please do not judge me. But unfortunately I happen to be a die hard "scaredy cat." Yep! There is no use denying it either. I honestly have a lot of fears. Just ask my husband. I make him feel "needed" on a daily basis. He is a great bug killer, mouse catcher and storm watcher (Only he likes to watch the storms roll in while standing outside...I like to watch the map in the corner of my TV!). Got to love the guy for putting up with me.

However, right up there at the top of my list is the creepiest, ugliest, scariest thing ever... the SPIDER. Hate them. Have nightmares about them. Just thinking about them makes my skin crawl. This is so hard to write about. In fact the only reason I'm even talking about the horrible creature is that I killed one last night.

You heard me, "I killed a spider in my bathroom last night!"

Now don't even begin to ask me how big it was, for you wouldn't believe me even if I told you. (My family thinks I often exaggerate when it comes to the hairy creatures.) Let's just say it was "big enough." My husband was gone to safe prom and would not be back for hours, my son was already asleep (although he hates them too!) and my daughter will do many things like hold a snake, frog or mouse, but she will not even attempt to save her mom from the scary looking spider in my bathroom. I was on my own.

I would like to say right now that my sister is rolling her eyes, calling me a "big sissy" under her breathe and trying not to laugh at my scary dilemma. I have one word for her...FROGS!!! :)

On that note, I did kill the spider. I decided that it was either the spider or me and this spider was going down! (It only took me fifteen minutes to build up the courage. Go ahead and picture me standing in fear for fifteen minutes with my eye on the enemy, wondering what I was going to do.) It had gone under a shoe and I didn't want to lift the shoe and... finally it crawled out and I knew that I had to do something before it got away. (Or I wasn't going to be able to sleep!) I grabbed the closest thing I could reach and our spider was a goner.

My husband, dad and my sister, I know, are all be so proud right now. After having to kill spider after spider for me throughout my life, every time I kill one I know they beam with pride! It's such an accomplishment. I'm growing up. I'm facing my fears.

Well, sort of...I mean here's the thing, I'm kind of embarrassed to tell you "how" I killed the spider. Most people would smash it with a shoe or a flyswatter. No, not me. Some people might get the bug spray out. Nope, we didn't have any. Actually, I grabbed what ever I could find.


Yes, you heard it here. I killed a spider with Lysol. That spider was drunk on fumes and smelling good when it entered spider ever after. And you know what else?

Not only is my bathroom spider free, it now smells clean too. And it only took half a can!

Have a great day!


Amber said...

You're my favorite. And I'm so proud of you.

And thanks a lot of outing me in cyberspace....

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

You're funny! I'm proud of you too. Did Amber ever tell you my spider story? The one where I called Wes during a big meeting in LR and cried and begged him to come home and kill it? And he had to call one of our friends to leave work and come and kill it? And said friend asked me for a bigger shoe to hit it with?!

S and J said...

Oh girl, lysol works for ants and Texas sized cockroaches too! :o)

Christi said...

You are not alone in the bug/spider phobia club! I'm pretty darn bad myself!