Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

It has been a crazy day!!!

First I had to help my daughter get ready for the dreaded DANCE pictures. I thought she looked beautiful (even if I'm not in love with her costume!) But unfortunately Kay woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. She was NOT a happy camper, which if you know my daughter, then you know that no one was a happy camper. However, we did get the pictures taken, so I got to check something off my to do list for today... I even took a few pictures of my own when we got home so you could see what she looked like. Crazy outfit, huh? They are dancing to "Disturbia" so I guess the outfit fits the theme. :)

Then I met Kev and Jordan at the ballpark at 10:30. He was playing game #2 of the tournament. His game had just started, so I only missed one batter. They won the first game. Yeah! Jordan scored a run, so he was happy. Here are a few pictures from the first game...

Jordan on first base.

Jordan running to third base.

Jordan in outfield.

After the game Kev had some things to do, so Jordan went with me. I asked him where he wanted to eat lunch. He chose Subway (Yummy!), so we had a date, just me and him. It was a fun moment. I asked him about all the players on his team (still learning their names!) and he told me about what he thinks about baseball. He then finagled me into buying him a new helmet (our Subway is in Walmart), by telling me that his was too small. Yeah, he pretty much got me, because when we got home, I realized it was the same size as his old one! Nice one, Jor!
However, I couldn't be too mad, because he has had the same helmet for four years. Also, my little man turned my heart to mush when he asked if he could give his old one to a friend who doesn't have one. Evidently he has been borrowing Jordan's. Moments like that are encouraging that you are doing something right as a parent!

We returned to the ballpark at 2:30. Jordan didn't score this game, but his team won. This year is a new experience for him, because he has a really big team and in the older boys league, well not everyone gets to play though out the whole game...unless you are really, really good. Jordan isn't really, really good, he is just average. He and five other little boys have to share spots and trade out, which means he spends a lot of time in the dugout too. Oh well, when I went to check on him earlier, he seemed to be having fun anyway...something about a sunflower spitting contest! Boys! Here are a few captured moments from game #3.

Jordan at bat. Kev took this picture. That is me right behind Jorboy!

I love this picture! My son having a good time with his buddies in the dugout!

Sunflower seed spitting contest. Who needs to be on the field to have fun, anyway! :)

Game #4. There is good and there is bad news. The good news is Jordan's team won the tournament! YEAH! Which meant we didn't have to play game #5, because we were undefeated. Great, right? It is unless you are a little boy who didn't get to bat tonight. unfortunately it was his turn to play in the second half of the game. The game ended before a few of the boys even got to bat. It was a 4 inning game, so they go by quick. So, Jordan is taking it a little hard tonight. It has got to be rough to work so hard, yet not get a chance to show it.
I could tell you that Daddy isn't real happy either... we tend to think that it is more important to be fair to the whole team, then just care about winning. But then again, that is sports for you! It is hard for coaches to be understanding of the average Joe when your kid is really good and never rides the pine. I guess it will just prepare him for school sports in the future...and life, for it is certainly never fair!
Don't worry baseball fans, we have not given up on the sport. Tomorrow he will be happy he was a part of the winning team. Nobody but him probably will even remember he didn't bat the last game. Although I didn't like what happened tonight, I tried to make him realize he was part of the team and the plays he had in earlier games helped win the tournament. He had an RBI and scored a run. He can be proud.
I was a proud mom today. My son showed patience, friendship and determination. He might have had a weak moment tonight, but I know many a grown man who would have been a little upset too. Overall we had a GREAT day! The sun was shining, Jor had fun with his friends (even went home with one between a games!), I had a lunch date with my special little man and his team were undefeated in the tournament.
Is it OK to say this mom is tired? Because I am. Goodnight!


Jenny Sipes said...

I love the dance pics and the baseball pics of jordan. kayla looked real enthused to be in front of the camera. lol. I hate that we missed one another when yall visited but we will so have to do lunch next time your up this way.

Thanks for the blog comment, felt I needed some color on my page. Things were getting kinda drabby!! Anyway miss ya like crazy. Love the new hair cut. Cant wait to hang out next trip.

love ya and miss ya

S and J said...

I loved all the pictures! Especially the one of Jordan's laughing....what a great moment caught on film!

Amber said...

How did I miss these posts? They didn't show up in my reader until today. Crazy.

Look at Kayla...wowzers. This cannot be real.

And I love the one of Jor laughing! Priceless.

Christi said...

You've got some great pictures there! Sounds like you all are in for a fun season!