Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who are you and what have you done with my baby boy?!!!

First of all, if my son was to read that title I would be in big trouble. I guess he isn't suppose to be my "baby" anymore. But, are they not always our babies? I mean he caused me a lot of problems when I was pregnant with him. Shouldn't I get more than a "hey Mom!" as he rushes out the door? I think I should at the very least be able to call him my "baby" whenever I please.
I think I should also be able to keep him little for as long as I want too!

I guess the "Big Guy Upstairs" doesn't agree with me on this issue, for unfortunately my kids continue to grow and grow and eventually turn into these individuals I barely recognize sometimes. I see glimpses of the future teenage years and I'm starting to tremble in fear.

This week for some reason, I've noticed something new about my son. (AND I DON"T LIKE IT! ) Like typical boys he tends to show off for friends, but here recently he thinks it is "cool" to mouth off to mom in what he considers a comical way. Believe me this mom is definitely NOT smiling. If he makes that silly voice and goofy face one more time while repeating what I'm saying, I'm going to...

Really, what is a mom to do? I can always play the daddy card at anytime, and it works. However, just once I would like to understand what my son is thinking without saying "Do I need to tell your dad?!" Even though those exact words have passed my lips many a time, I end up feeling like a kid on the playground ready and willing to be the tattletale. And nobody likes a tattletale, including me...unless of course someone is tattling on my kid, cause I really want to know what they are doing at all times!

The truth is my son is growing up. And he is going through that impossible stage that makes the terrible two's look like a walk in the park. At least when they were two I could pretend that I didn't understand half of what they said and I was bigger and stronger so in the end, I had the last word. Now a ten year old who thinks dad hung the moon and mom is pretty close to being stupid about most things...yeah, is there anyway I can skip the next 10 years?

Now don't get me wrong. I have a pretty good kid. Teachers like him. Coaches like him. He always has plenty of friends. He is usually a rule follower and hates to be embarrassed and get in trouble...

Until now. Which means he is growing up, huh? He is this lovable boy who still wants hugs before going to bed, yet would die if I tried to kiss him in public. He totally thinks his dad knows everything, until a friend tells him something different. He is respectful most of the time, until he is trying to get a laugh from a friend. He is a pretty normal ten year old boy.

And I hate it.

Sniff! Sniff! I want my baby back!


Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

I have discovered that when my 11 (almost 12) year old son starts feeling a little too big for his britches in front of a friend, that if I tell him (in a voice that his friend CAN hear) that I am about to embarrass him if he keeps talking like that, it usually nips it right in the bud!

(And he know that I'm NOT talking about embarrassing him in a funny way!)

Good luck!

Jim said...

Take it from a Dad who only had growing girls, oops, you were one of them, weren't you? Well, in spite of that, I can tell you that even though "dads" hung the moon, it's the moms who held the ladder so he could reach that high, and the other end of the rope where the moon was tied, and tied the knot that kept the rope in place. Of course, all of that is just so much backstage stuff so dad could get the extra "bow" and "applause".

If you'll watch the credits on a movie - After the title the star's name appears (dad), but just before the movie begins, the director's name appears (mom), and we all know that the movie's main boss sits in that chair.

Sis, your credits are rolling, take heart, your baby's (movie) gonna do alright under your direction.

Just look at the two "movies" your mom directed.

Love You,

Amber said...

If you find where they hide our sweet babies, let me know. Because someone stole my 8 year old baby and replaced him with a walking attitude.