Friday, April 3, 2009

Let the games begin...

Well it has started...we will now be busy pretty much every night of the week, for the next two months. It is called BASEBALL!!! Tonight was the first night of the weekend tournament, that starts the baseball season every year.

Highlights? Jordan got a hit. (Unfortunately, he got out at first, but we aren't making too big of a deal of that!) He is happy. His team won eleven to nothing... yeah, he is pretty happy about that too! I had ballpark nachos! Yes, I was pretty happy with my dinner for tonight!

Parts of the evening I didn't like? It turned COLD!!! I didn't like that. There are quite a few players on the team, so Jordan only got to hit once. (Hope since he made a hit he moves up in the batting order!) Didn't like that at all! When they finished their game they no longer had any chili nachos, which I promised Jordan he could have after the game. Not good! (He made me promise he could get some tomorrow!)

Well, we have to hit the ballpark again tomorrow at 10:00a.m. I'll have to let you know later how he does!

Happy weekend everyone! Ours is going to be a busy one...I think I will go to bed now.


Amber said...

Starts for us today. Woo Hoo! But you know I heart I'm not really upset about all the mass chaos that is about to ensue!!

Love ya! Almost as much as I love ballpark nachos!! ;)

Jim said...

Hey Jor,
Congrats on getting a hit at bat and for your team winning. Keep swinging and the hits will come when you sometimes think they won't. Just do your best and that will be grrrrreaaaatt!

Christi said...

You are just getting geared up for a new season, and we are just winding down! Baseball is fun...Christian doesn' play it anymore, but we enjoyed it whiled it lasted. Hope he has a great time...and don't worry, the cold weather won't last too much longer! :)

Jenny Sipes said...

Hey Michele. We finally internet. I have finally updated my blog and posted a little about us.. Hope things are going well. Miss ya