Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Picture With the "King."

Tonight was my scrapbooking night. Once a month I get a "girl's night out" kind of thing where I get to go hang out with a wonderful group of ladies, talk and be creative. I know many people are going to digital scrapbooking now, and I am not against it. I may do it one day just to catch up... However, the actual process of creating a page, cutting, picking out ribbon, stickers and brads is therapy for me. I feel peaceful when I do it. Unfortunately I never get much time to do it anymore and that aggravates me to no end, but then that is a whole different story.

Anyway, as I said, tonight was scrapbooking night. We were going to do Easter layouts and since my stubborn kids would not pose for me on the very rainy Easter this year, I was searching for some old pictures to use. As I was going through my box of pictures that for some reason were never put in an album, I came across many treasures. I might have to share a few in the future. (Amber, you are being warned!)

Again I got off on a tangent. Anyway, in my search I came across this special treasure.

It is a scanned copy of a photocopy of the original. (Did I just make any sense?) My dad had given Kayla a copy a few years back so Kayla could prove to her friends that her "Pooh pa" had indeed met the one and only Elvis Presley. Yes, that really is the "king" himself in the picture and not a wax model. And yes, my dad really did get to meet him in his Navy days. Pretty cool, huh?
Dad, you were so cute in your sailor uniform. !


Amber said...

Ah..Dad. Gotta love him.

And it better not be the Easter Bunny picture. Seriously. Those are fighting words.

Love ya.

Christi said...

That's a pretty big claim to fame!

I think your kids will have some bragging rights when they show that around!

Jim said...

Ah, the memories of those days. I do look back and have to "pinch" myself to realize I had those few moments of conversation with the "king" on the set of his movie, while the studio photographer took our pic. That was 1962, can you believe it. That was 47 years ago! Thanks for the memory.
Love you,