Monday, April 6, 2009

Have you ever wondered...???

I think I was prayed for today. I'm not sure what she looks like, but I can see her in my imagination desperately searching through her purse. I can see the frantic eyes, although I don't know their color. I can even imagine a tear or two...

I went to check my mail today during my lunch break. The post office was hopping! People everywhere. I notice a piece of white paper on the sidewalk in front of me by my car. I didn't think much about it. I went inside to check my box.

When I came out it was still there. So I bent down to pick it up. Then my eyes moved further to a spot in the grass. There was another piece of paper. When I picked it up I realized it was someones paycheck...SIGNED. And to top things off I was also holding the deposit slip!!! What do you do?

I couldn't find a phone number on the deposit slip, but I since it was a work check, I knew where the man worked. I called my husband for some numbers and directions. Like the good husband he is, he took the check to the man for me. The husband said his "wife" must have dropped it.

OH! My heart feels for her tonight. I wonder if her husband told her right away or left her "freaking out?" Yeah, I get the feeling she has been praying for me, the person who found her husband's paycheck all day. Or let's just say she was praying to find that check! I can't even begin to imagine how worried she was...her husband's whole paycheck, LOST! I seriously don't know what I would have done, had it been me. Panic?! Heart attack?! He can't kill me while I'm down, can he?

Tonight when I was talking to Kev about what happen and how I found the check in the first place, he told me it was God whispering to me "to pick the paper up." As I look back, I have to admit, I really was going to walk right by and did, but on the way back to my car something pulled at me to bend down and check out what was there.

Have you ever wondered as you walk through life, if you are someones answer to prayer? I mean, the little things we do, that might mean so much to someone else. A kind word, help finding a car in the mall parking lot, a flat tire, a hug or note of encouragement, or maybe finding someones paycheck. It makes you view your steps a little differently. I mean, when I think of how many times I've asked God for help...I never have really thought of the people he uses to do the little mundane tasks that help answer my prayers. I've never really thought that I could be answering someones cry when I speak a kind word, help a neighbor or give a little love away.

When I told my lunch story today, people were impressed I went to the trouble... WHY? What does that say about our world today? I don't know about you, but I was raised to think about others and how they are feeling, and all I could think about when I held that check was the despair someone, somewhere was feeling over losing it. I tell my kids to always treat others the way you want to be is so true. One of these days I might be a desperate woman, searching her purse, in tears, praying there is someone left in the world who might care.

A couple of weeks ago, Kevin and one of his teenagers were at Walmart. They were not there very long. When they came out the boy he was with said he thought this older lady was lost. He had seen the same lady, cart full, in the parking lot when they had entered the store. She was still out in the parking lot, cart full. Kev went over to ask if they could help her find her car. He said the relief on her face was priceless. I don't know if the lady was praying to find her car that day, but I do believe God sent Kevin and Kyle to help her.

You just never know. As you go through your day, be on alert. You just might be someones answer to prayer.


Jenny Sipes said...

That is a great story! Thank you for sharing with us..

Amber said...


I sure hope that woman's husband didn't give her too hard of a time. Yikes.

Christi said...

Wow! So glad that YOU found the check. Unfortunately, there are many people that would have considered it their "lucky" day, and not even thought twice about stealing the money! I know that the man and his wife must be sooo thankful!