Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Fish Fry for Four!!! Yummy!

It is suppose to rain today. The weatherman said it would rain ALL day. Of course I have just about stopped listening to him since he said we wouldn't get any bad weather last week and I woke up to a tree in my yard and no power! ( I think I forgot to write about that...I know I took pictures. Oh well, another day! Back to the story at hand...) Anyway, my husband decides to go fishing. If you know anything about fishing, then you know that one of the best times to go is right before the weather changes. This morning was GOOD fishing weather! Or that is what he tells me...

He and the kids hopped into the truck and headed off to a pond at his friend Lee's house (He and Lee grew up together and then they went to college and were roommates at OBU. Lee has the most beautiful house as well as a BIG pond in his front yard. Anyway, there I go on a tangent again. Sorry, I'm bad about that today!)

So, yes I had a few hours of peace and quiet on the home front. (I can hear the jealous sighs of mothers everywhere!) However, I did have to pay bills, wash dishes, clean and wash my mountain of laundry. But it was done in PEACE. I'm still smiling.

Around noon today, the troops came marching in. Jordan was carrying a basket full of fish. They were all excited, because they knew daddy had already promised them if they caught any today, they could cook them for lunch. Yummy! (Now my family is saying right now, "Michele, you don't like fish!" To which I will now answer, "I like it when it is coated in cornmeal and grease!!!)
We had fish, hush puppies and french fries for lunch. And it was GOOD! As far as I am concerned, my family can go fishing every weekend. I had it pretty good. I had a few hours of peace and quiet and then my husband cooked lunch! Yummy! Doesn't get much better on a Saturday than that!

Kevin and the kids holding their catch. They really don't look their best... but then I guess the fish didn't care!

The wonderful, FRIED lunch my hubby cooked. No regrets today!!!

I thought I would include a few pictures from last week, just so you know I didn't make it up. A tree from next door fell in our yard, breaking the power line and the pole in half. It blew the transformer so we didn't have electricity for about 15 hours! Yes, Mr. Weatherman was on my hit list last week...

Well everyone, hope you have a blessed and happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

And now I'm craving fried fish and hushpuppies! Those look SOooo delicious!!

Glad you had some quiet hours and good for you for using the time to get things done!

Happy rest of your Saturday!

Amber said...

You had me at hushpuppies. No fish for me...but hushpuppies...oh my.

Christi said...

Yum! Looks like some good eatin'!

I just copied the "5 conversations" link, and the
"virtue alert" link from your blog list. Haven't had time to really look through them yet, but they look interesting!

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