Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Beautiful Gift...

He was crying. His cheeks wet from sweat and tears. He knew what he had to do, yet like any man, cried out for God to make the inevitable to go away. He knew the answer already. He knew the pain which laid ahead. "I just want to do your will, Father. Give me the strength to do your will."

What selfless love he had. He is the best friend, the caregiver, the big brother, the protector...all wrapped up in one. He was the true example of love. That night, he was pleading, yet was willing to do whatever it took to save those he loved.

He was beaten, called names, mistreated and betrayed by his own friends. Yet, he didn't give up until all was "finished." His last breathe was spoken on behalf of another...

Yet, he knew something others truly didn't understand. HE knew something that is still hard for me to comprehend at times. He had a vision for what laid ahead, on the other side of pain. He knew of the hope he could give to others by this one gift of sacrifice.

He knew me in that moment and He knew I needed him more than anything else in this world. He gave me the most precious gift...grace.

The man in the garden is my SAVIOR. He truly loves me, no matter what I have done or unfortunately what I will do. He knew he was my only hope and was willing to be my protector.

This is the week of Easter. It is a time to reflect and realize what a beautiful gift we all have been given. While we are picking out Easter dresses, coloring beautiful eggs and eating loads of chocolate bunnies and Starburst jellybeans, let us not forget the most beautiful gift of all. It is wrapped in love, tied in forgiveness and taped with eternity.

I am in total awe of the selfless love of my Savior.

Have a great Good Friday and Easter weekend!

Hey everybody! Let's celebrate, for Our Savior Lives!!!


Amber said...


I really like the "wrapped in, tied in, taped in" part!

Love ya!

Happy Easter.

Jim said...

Good message and reminder for all of us in the midst of busyness. It is too easy to forget what we have heard so many times that we become unconscious to its forever fresh and priority truth. May we truly see Jesus this week.
I Love You,

Sandy Toes said...

Wonderful post~
sandy toe

Anonymous said...



I came here to read your 10 List and keep getting sidetracked along the way!! I think I'll just add your blog to my Reader so I won't miss anything else!