Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Electronically Challenged?!

My name is Mich and I'm electronically challenged. How do I know this, you ask?

Well, there are about twenty buttons on my car stereo in which I have no idea what they do. What are they for anyway?!!! My alarm clock goes berserk every once in a while and hubby will have to "fix" it. I just don't think it likes me. My computer will act up and once again Kev will yell "you can't hurt anything!" only to realize five minutes later he should have gotten up and helped me because I pushed the ONE WRONG KEY. I don't text because I get frustrated with it. I don't twitter, because it seems like just one more thing... although my sis is working on me in both those areas. My printer jams constantly and...

then there is this;

Get the picture???

We have umpteen remotes, all of which I don't know how to use properly. My husband is one of those men that has a receiver, speakers, DVD player, PlayStation and who knows what else hooked up. If only watching television was a simple "click" of a button. No. That would be way too easy...

Anyway, I decided to watch a movie last night. Simple enough, huh? It only took me thirty minutes to figure out how to work our "entertainment center" only by the time I was finished, I was NOT entertained!!! I missed my ten year old son more than ever, because he thinks it is cool that he actually knows "more " than me (in this area) and is willing to help me and I usually just get the rolled eyes from Hubby. Of course last night I was on my own all together!!!

Oh well... I'm beginning to wonder if the man of the house has everything set up, so at the end of the day he feels just a little needed. I'm sticking with that theory, for it sounds so much better than me being just plain "dumb." Oh, who am I kidding...

I think maybe, I'll just go start a support group or something.


Jim said...

What time and where will the support group meet? I'm with you on your "challenged" thang! We've noted since your sister's "rascals" were here that the TV looks and acts different. What little we know seems superceeded by their young genius minds. I totally know where you are on the "gazillion" remotes you have there. I've never been able to figure them out.

I must have been born in another world - 100 years ago - and I am so sorry to have passed on those "challenged genes" to you!
Forgive me.

Just let me know where the group meets. Ok?


Amber said...

Now I feel bad that my kids messed up Dad's tv. Whoops. They probably went in and set recordings for every Jonas Brothers episode and iCarly that will ever air. Because that's what they do here.

This makes me giggle....maybe because I knew you were going to post this!!!! :)