Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Tribute to my Hubby on Father's Day Weekend!

My husband was meant to be a daddy. He loves kids. Truly enjoys just being with them. I guess that is a good quality to have when you are a student minister. Kids love him too. I work at a preschool/daycare right now and he will occasionally stop by. Babies that are normally shy are drawn to him. Older kids want him to make his little animal noises and joke around with them. Teenagers think it is their goal to beat him in ping pong every Wednesday night. They love him and seek his approval. God blessed him with the gift of being able to discipline when needed, yet be someone they love. I didn't think he could love kids any more than he already did, until Kayla came along. Tears want to come when I remember the first time he held his little girl. HE WAS IN LOVE. When my son came along two years later he beamed with pride. He had his princess and his little man. IS he perfect? No. There are days when he snaps a little or just wants to rest in his recliner, but on most days he has a kid with him. He and Kayla watch movies together or go fishing. (He is excited that his little girl likes to fish and he doesn't even have to bait her hook most of the time!) Just the other day he told her she could invite a few friends and he would take them swimming. As for Jordan, well he is a DADDY"S BOY. He still wants mommy if he is hurt or scared or wants new clothes, but 99% of the time he wants to be with his dad. Many Saturdays they go and eat breakfast together with my in-laws and then go four wheeler riding at the camp. He plays basketball with him almost every other night and he lets Jordan do for him and learn from him when there is work to be done. He is a good daddy and I'm thankful everyday that he was the man God chose to be the father of my kids and my partner in this adventure called parenthood. Today I am simply going down memory lane...

Kevin becomes a daddy (1996)

Kevin's first Father's Day! (1997)

Aren't they cute! (Christmas 1997)

Jordan (1998)

Easter (with Jordan in 1999)


My men! (2001)

Jordan loved trains. (2003)

With his ballerina. (2006)

December (2008)

I love you Kevin. Thanks for being a terrific dad and husband!


Gretchen said...

Verklempt. Happy Father's Day.

Hope said...

You are blessed! It is cute your daughter likes fishing with her pop.

Mich, camping is not for everyone, you should not feel bad. I dislike it when people try to make me like something I simply am not interested in doing.

It just so happens that we have the best place to go camping…you might not believe it…I almost do not believe it, but there are practically not mosquitoes where we go camping! And the bugs are not too buggy; believe me, because I hate bugs! I am not such a toughie either…I am actually rather soft.

Loved hearing from you…and the KEDS are NOT grandma shoes.


Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Happy Father's Day to your Hubby!!

I loved looking at the pics of him with his kids--there's just nothing like a daddy's love!

Amber said...

Happy Father's Day, Kev!!!

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Wonderful tribute! So thankful to the Lord for godly men! What a gift!

LOVE seeing pix!!! :)