Monday, June 29, 2009

The Final Thirty...

Here you go... the final thirty of fun, unusual facts about "ME." (Sorry, Sis, but you probably know all of these too!)

71. My sister and I try to take a road trip together every summer. We think it should be the next reality show; "Two Moms, Five Kids, One Dog in a Van For Hours!!!" We always have a blast.

72. My son is named after my brother that passed away.

73. I love to plan parties.

74. I go to youth camp every summer.

75. I have walked, ran, rode a bike, rode in a car/truck, rode on a bus, on a boat, on a rickshaw, on a "tuk-tuk," in a taxi, on a ferry, on a train, in a plane... I Haven't been in a shuttle in space.

76. I once was traveling home from overseas by myself and was searched because I was young and the country I was flying from is known for drugs. They went through my whole suitcase, while I stood there scared and in tears. Finally the man found my Bible and asked me why I was over there. I started rambling real fast, explaining how "I had go to see my parents, who are missionaries overseas, and I'm traveling home for college and..." I just kept rambling, when finally the guy just lifted his hand to silence me. "You can go. I know you must be telling the truth, for there is no way you could have made up a story like that."

77. My first car was a Dodge Shadow. I got it when I was a sophomore in college.

78. When I was in high school they would call me "cotton candy head" because I used so much hairspray. Can you say "80's?"

79. I can not tan. God mixed me up at birth. I think I was suppose to be born in Ireland or something. Here in the south, of the good 'ol USA, I have to work at not getting fried.

80. there is no rhyme or reason to my handwriting. It is half cursive, half print. Sometimes caps, sometimes lower case. I have about three different ways to write the letter "a." Bless my mom, the school teacher, she really tried.

81. I sing in the shower.

82. Me and laundry do not get along. It will not stop pestering me and just go away. It just keeps coming back!

83. I almost drown in a creek when I was little. My mom had me take swim lessons after that.

84. I work with babies at a childcare center. I love the smell of baby. I wish I could find a way to bottle it.

85. I am a total people pleaser.

86. I have been to 4 different elementary schools, took 3 different correspondence courses when my mom was homeschooling me, went to 2 International schools and one Baptist college. Some of those I went to at different times. One year I changed school situations 3 times, while in other situations I would stay more than a year. I figured out that between kindergarten and college, I had made 13 school changes. Crazy, huh? Probably explains a lot.

87. Every Wednesday night I get to hang out with 50 - 100 teenagers. (We are down because of summer) I love those kids. I love what my hubby does for a living!

88. My first kiss was not by a so called "boyfriend." Actually, there was another missionary kid, who after "date night" at MK camp, was trying to be prince charming and went up to all the girls and surprised them by "planting" a big on on the lips. I was stunned for a good five minutes. I don't think he ever realized that it was my first kiss by a boy. I was in 9th grade.

89. I love a good nap!

90. I have had snake charmers with "real cobras" in my driveway before.

91. One time I was hanging out with a group of missionary kids. There was an older MK, that i tried to impress all night. Only when we went up to our hotel room that night I realized I had a big hole in the seat of my pants. The seam had come out. Talk about embarrassing. I was so glad he was a missionary kid from another country than where we lived, or I might not have lived it down in my head. I saw him a few years later and he never said a word. I'm still hoping he didn't notice. :)

92. I use to walk home from school in flood waters, in a third world country, BAREFOOT. What was I thinking. And here I am still alive and kicking. Amazing.

93. I won a blue ribbon at the science fair when I was in 10th grade. If I'm honest, I have to say my dad won a blue ribbon at my science fair, when I was in the 10th grade. :)

94. I am not good at math and had to have tutors in high school.

95. I have friends from high school that have one liners in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam." The film was made in Thailand where my parents served as missionaries. they came to our school and got extra and gave auditions for small speaking roles. We thought it was pretty cool at the time.

96. I've been stung by a jellyfish.

97. When I was a senior in high school, I took journalism, yearbook and photography. I thought I might go into journalism. However, I got so burnt out, I quickly changed my dream. I sometimes regret that move, for I think I probably should have stuck with that area of study. I enjoy so much of it.

98. I'm on my 235th post. Pretty cool!

99. I unfortunately pick and bite at my nails when I'm nervous or worried. I've tried to stop, but it is a hard habit to break.

100. I told my hubby just the other day how blogging has helped me. It has given me a voice. I have met new friends and I receive encouragement on a daily basis from other posts and comments sent my way. Thanks!


Jim said...

Let's keep the record straight, OK? You did not start out WALKING, YOU ROLLED, SCOOTED, CRAWLED, AND THEN WALKED...RAN...SKIPPED...ETC.ETC.ETC! And who knows...SPACE...well!

Good list.
I agree, Do a weekly Friday one!
Love you.

Tiffany said...

What a cute post! I am going to follow your blog. I stumbled on it, and am excited to get to "know" you. {grin}

Sharon Sloan said...

Lovin' the lists! How fun!

We are rooting for you now...start that "Friday Fun Facts!". Whooeeeee!

I love planning parties, too.
Never stung by a jelly fish though.

Joyeful said...

This was sooo much fun, Mich!! And what is a tuk-tuk? a rickshaw? you definitely have been on some interesting modes of transportation! Jellyfish stings hurt--but probably not as much as the embarrassment of a hole in your pants did!! Poor thing! Is it ok if I laughed? Cuz I did! So sorry!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Oh!! Lucky for me to hop over and read all sorts of really great stuff about you!!! We have a lot in common (mostly, that we can not tan) LOL!!!

Thanks for your Mom Blog comment today...We LOVE our comments!!!


makeyourhomesing said...

I loved this, I don't even know which one to comment on! A jellyfish? Ow.....

I am glad you said it was pronounced like Mitch because I thought it was like Mish.

You are right about the rambling, I imagine if you'd given a well-rehearsed speech it probably would have looked suspicious. But because you were being honest it wasn't "prepared!"

~*Michelle*~ said...

oh we have a lot more in common than we thought~

73, 80, 81, 85, 96 and especially #100!

I am gonna check out your others! :)

Amber said...

Yup. Knew these, too.

If you start a blog carnival, I'm so in. And I can getcha a hook up for a cute button all of your own. Lets have a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed learning 100 things about you, Michele! This was a lot of fun!!

Gretchen said...

Veddy, veddy cool list. Except the cobra snake charmers. I'm gagging just a little over those.

Happy July 4th!

christy rose said...

I loved your 100 list. i think every blogger should be required to do this so that we all know more about each other immediately rather than after months of reading posts. That is what I feel like, I have just read months of your posts in the last three days. It is just great!