Sunday, June 28, 2009

Something to think about...

Happy Sunday Everyone! I pray that as you go through your day, that you will find "rest" and a renewed spirit from spending time with the Lord and your family.
Sundays are kind of hard for me sometimes. They are suppose to be a day of rest, but as a minister's wife it sometimes gets confused with being a "work day" for our family. I have to try real hard to put myself into a frame of worship some Sunday mornings. But then I started realizing that church is just the time for organized worship and to be fed with the word. That I'm not suppose to limit my praise and the moments I spend with the Heavenly Father to just a few hours on Sunday. When I started changing my own attitude, then the attitudes around me had no effect on how or when my heart wanted to worship the Lord.
I think if we really look at our lives, there is something to praise the Lord for in every moment of our day. Not always an easy task, I know, but something definitely worth striving for. I was watching Oprah once (years ago before she started teaching all this craziness!) and I like what she said. She kept a "gratitude journal" and wrote at least five things she was happy for everyday. She said there would be some days in which it would be hard, but even then you should be thankful "that you are still breathing!" Finding gratitude, heals the soul.
I do that, only I think it is important to take it a step further. We should not only be thankful, we should give all praise and glory to our Savior. It is amazing how a bad day can be turned around with just a few thankful thoughts. It certainly helps put things in perspective at times.
That doesn't mean I don't have my off days, it just means that thankfulness provides huge "pick-me-ups" at times. A few weeks ago I heard a Christian speaker say these words;
"The Kingdom of God is not about never struggling. It is about in the struggle finding significance.
Even when the obstacles of this world seem huge, you can find the strength to overcome. The Resurrection takes out the stinger."
So I said all this to say, that no matter what you are going through or dealing with today, I pray that you know God has his hand on you. In Him, may you find the rest and tender care you need. And may your heart find a little joy, when in the midst of the fire, you find a little gratitude.
Hmmm...Let me see. Five things I'm thankful for right at this moment?
1. That today is Sunday and I get to go "to the house of the Lord and be glad in it!"
2. My family. If I can't ever find anything else to have a thankful heart over, I have them. I cherish the moments.
3. Air conditioning. It is so hot these days and it is only June!
4. Today is Sunday. Nap day! Hey! It is Biblical to rest.
5. New bloggy friends who leave such encouraging comments and whose posts put a smile on my face each day. Thank you.
What about you? Got at least five things that put a little joy in your heart at this moment? Love to hear them...


Sarah Dawn said...

MIch, Sweet one, thanks for splashing around with me today on my blog. Your kind words blessed my heart.

Besitos (little kisses in Spanish),
Sarah Dawn

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

I love this post. Thank you for your honest heart. I have a few dear friends who are wives of pastors. I know Sundays are so different for them. God has given me a heart for pastor's wives through my friends. You are special indeed.

Seriously....are you near the Dayspring Outlet in Siloam Springs? Have you been there?

I love your thankful list. Air conditioning...amen!

I think a humble, thankful heart ushers us right into His throne room!

Enjoy your restful day!

momstheword said...

What a lovely post, and such words that, as a pastor's wife, I need to hear and be reminded of.

You are so right. We need to come to church with our hearts full of the Lord, and ready to worship, and service is a form of worship.

It's not just reserved for Sunday, it's every day.

Sundays are often pretty full for us but today is a lovely relaxing day, for which I am thankful!

Jennifer said...

Love this post, Mich!!

Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding me to be thankful in and for all things!!

Amber said...

Okay...I'm all out of whack on the whole bloggity business. It messes me up when the whole internet goes out, so now I'm playing catch-up.

I'm so thankful for you. Couldn't ask for a better big sister.