Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Trip to the "BIG" City...

My hubby surprised me the other day by asking if I wanted to go out of town for the night for our anniversary. Get away from the craziness of our life for the day? Yeah, sounds like fun. So, after I got off work Friday night we dropped the kiddos off at my in-laws and headed out to the big 'ol city of Little Rock. For you people that live in or near much bigger places you have to remember that I live in the "middle of nowhere" in Arkansas. Or at least that was what I was told today, by my sweet niece who lives outside Houston. I think she actually said something to the nature of "well you have to remember I'm use to the city and how we do things there and... Yep! Sweetheart, there are days I would have to agree. I do sometimes feel like we live in small town USA, apart from the rest of the world. Of course there are days I love it too. But, as I was saying, Little Rock is about as big as they come around here in these parts!

Anyway, we headed to the "city." We checked into a motel, nothing fancy. It was clean and QUIET. After we checked in we headed across town to do a little shopping before the next round of movies would start. Did I tell you my husband said we could SHOP this weekend?!

You are probably going to laugh at my first choice, but I love this place:
I love books. Especially a good Christian book. I think I left the place with a book for each member of the fam. Then my sweet hubby took me to see a movie...a chick flick no less. We saw this:

OK, here is the deal. The minister's wife part of me can not recommend this movie to you, for there is a little bit "nudy putudy" scene in it. However, I laughed out loud at several scenes and my heart melted at others. I loved the story... well I will just leave it at that.
We swung by and visited "the Bell" after the movie. I got a stuffed steak burrito that was yummy!
We slept late. (Well, I slept till 8:30, which is late for me!) I was able to take a shower in peace. (Wonderful!) And my hubby says we can do some more shopping. (Yep! You read right. More shopping! And he even said I could buy some things!)

We ended up going here:

I know, another book store. Actually my husband was looking for a background track, for a song our pastor asked him to sing at church tomorrow. It wasn't at the other store, so we ended up going to both. Love this store too. I found a lot of great buys and thought I was doing good paying around 40.00 for all I had gathered. But guess what? I got up there and everything was marked down even more. I ended up getting 5 books, 1 CD, and a necklace for twenty bucks! Pretty good, huh?

We then went here:

A little aggravated at them, for they do not carrying any clothing items for "fair skinned, I would actually like to cover my body at least a little" people like me. I'm sorry, but I do not tan well (or I should say not at all) and my arms are starting to do that "flabby" thing (so tanks and me are not friends) and...
Still love Target, they just didn't have anything for me today.

Next stop:

Again, love the place. But I had gone in for a pair of navy blue flip flops and they didn't have one pair in my size! Does everyone in the state of Arkansas where the same size shoe as me?!!!

Frustrated, we went and ate. When we were much younger, living in Fort Worth, TX, while Kevin was going to seminary, we use to eat here all the time. Poor newlyweds that we were, it was about the most expensive place we could afford at the time, so we would go there on special occasions. (Can you say run on sentence and a half?!) When we passed by the sign today, it just seemed like the place to go. It was good!

Love Applebees!

We then went to Kohl's. Again, love this store. I ended up with two shirts, some shorts for Jordan, two tank tops for Kayla and a watch for Kevin. Not bad. I love how they give you the award coupon at the end of your purchase. Ten dollars off my next purchase at Kohl's!!! Love coupons!!!

That ended my "date" with the hubby. My daughter asked what we did and then declared "that doesn't seem romantic!" But you know what... it was what I needed. I just needed a "getaway" moment, in which I could just "hang out" with the man I love. We were able to talk without interruption, rest in peace, shop and buy things purely because we wanted to, not because there was a whining voice in our ears and just forget about all the little worries that surround us at work and home As we left, Kevin said "we should do this more often." I agree.

Before heading home, we swung by the airport to pick up my beautiful niece. She came to visit for the week and her parents will drive in 4Th of July weekend. She and Kayla are only six weeks apart and always have a good time together. Who knows what they will do that I can blog about this week.

Thanks for reading. Amber, sorry there were no pictures of my "big city" trip, but I didn't haul the camera around. I have trouble taking pictures when my kids aren't around. Next time, maybe?

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!


Jim said...

Wow! You shore put our anniversary outing "in the shade"! Our shopping was Walmart. Our meal was Chinese Buffet. Our dramatic "movie" was my "eye surgery" and mom's haircut. And our overnight was a nap when we got home! No bookstore, no clothes! I need some serious help planning our 45th next year! HELP!

Glad you all had a good time OUT!
Love you,

Miss Charlene said...

Aww, glad you guys had a wonderful time! Sounds like good quality time :-) I'll definitely check out the movie! I love Sandra Bullock!

Sharon Sloan said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And LOTS of shopping! :) Wow! I'd love to go to the LifeWay store! Wow!

Are you near the Dayspring Outlet in Siloam Springs? It's a dream I have to go there! I love Dayspring.

Happy Anniversary Afterglow! And enjoy your niece's visit!

Anonymous said...


That all sound like fun to me, romance is a bit different when you have been married a while, but it does not mean that it is not thrilling. All those ordinary thing you never have time to do, or never get to do at your own pace can be pretty exciting. And little things are actually quite romantic.

I went shopping with my husband one morning in a huge spanking new Safeway. We bought Starbucks coffees, which was a big treat. And then we walked around and did a little shopping. It was a thrill to buy some delicious food items on sale. The store was so beautiful; it really was like a date.


Amber said...

I feel totally out of the loop. How did I no know you were going on this hot date of yours? Geez. Call a sistah once in awhile. no pictures, but good for you for stealing them off the internet!!! :)

Glad you had fun, and I am SO going to see that movie. Although I won't tell anyone that you told me to. Ahem.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Next time you guys head to LR let me know...I have a tip for hotels in LR.

We priceline our hotel in LR. This past time we got it for $ was the Crown Plaza there at 430 and 630. It was really nice and $40 sounded nice too.

Glad you guys had a good weekend!

christy rose said...

You did such an amazing job blogging your getaway. It was really well done! Thanks for sharing your getaway with all of us.