Friday, June 19, 2009

A little Help in the shoe department...

OK. Before I went to camp I went shoe shopping. I wanted some tennis shoes that I could wear with capri pants (I don't do shorts. Too scary for the kids. White legs. Capris are bad enough.) I saw a cute plaid pair, but they didn't have my size. I found some pink converse style, but I really didn't want bubblegum pink shoes. I finally found some KEDS. I remember wearing them all the time as a kid/teenager. These were a little different than the old style of KEDS. Since I live in the middle of no where, with very few places to shop unless you drive 45 minutes to an hour, I decided to get them. Even payed more than I would have liked.

They were comfortable and I thought they looked better than my bulky tennis shoes with my capri's. (I'm short legged.) I wore them all through camp week. And since I had to walk and climb a lot, I was thankful that I didn't wear my flip flops everywhere.

I wore them today. My almost 13 year old who thinks she has become style conscious overnight gets a good look at them today and declares "Why are you wearing old grandma shoes?!" Be still my heart. Do they really look like grandma shoes? And if they look like grandma shoes, do they look that way because I, at my age could be a grandma or because they really aren't "cool" looking. And should it matter that I care what my kid thinks? If she thinks that, does everyone think that? Should I care what anyone thinks, if they truly are comfortable? (now I do sound like a grandma!!!)

Anyway, I thought I would ask you. Before you see the picture, know that I want honesty. (Amb, I know I can count on you for this...) Even if you say they are ugly, I will probably still wear them, because I think they are pretty darn comfortable, but I might reconsider WHERE I wear them. If you say they look grandmaish then I probably should just come to terms with my age and realize I might pick out some grandma looking things from time to time, because I simply can't help myself. Now if you think they are cute, well I'm just here to tell you that if you have a teen, watch out because you might not be dressing in style. But then, do I really want to wear knee socks or bright purple ball caps with sparkles all over them, that my daughter seems to think are so hip and happening?

So here they are. Sorry, they are a little dirty from the wear, but you get the idea...

Break it to me gently... Are they really that bad? And just know that I wear my flips flops most of the time anyway... and...

does it really matter?

Oh no, who am I and who have I become? I am now taking fashion advice from my daughter? When did that happen? Wait! I'm not even going to go there today... No, my question for the day is simply this:

"Can I still be the 'cool mom' even if I wear grandma looking tennis shoes?"

Good grief. Now she has me thinking they look like grandma tennis shoes.

I simply give up.


Hope said...

Dear Mich,

I love visiting you; you are so relatable.

My opinion may not count for much, but I say wear them with confidence…they are KEDS after all…I wear Kmart shoes! (I have tastes that could be better satisfied at a more expensive store, but this is a choice one has to make when one’s husband is the only money maker.) Your daughter will someday understand. Don’t let her comment scare you…they are not grandma shoes.


P.S. I bet you looked really cute at camp.

Christi said...

I can see myself wearing those shoes.

I'm not sayin' that means that they are super could just mean that I have grandma taste too!?!?! :)

Keep wearin' em!

E @ Scottsville said...

Hey Mich,

Quite a few new visitors that I'd never "met" before showed up at my blog late last night and this morning. I'm so glad to meet you! May I ask where you were referred from? Trying to figure out where all the newbys arrived from. =0)


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Hey, Mich, my grandma called and she wants her shoes back!

Just kidding. They aren't that bad. I'm more of a Nike/New Balance kind of girl. I do have a couple of pair of Skechers but I usually go for something with some fun colors or bling on 'em.

But I think if you like 'em, you should totally wear them!

Mich said...

Let me clarify...I am normally a New Balance kind of girl too. I just wanted something not so bulky to wear with my capri pants. However, I might just have to go back to bulky over grandma shoes.

Gretchen said...

I have a pair of Keds in that style except mine are mules. Guess i should go get my granny rocker, huh? My 11 y.o. hasn't said anything...YET. :)

Hope said...

I said, These are NOT grandma shoes!"


Amber said...

When you first mentioned Grandma shoes, I was envisioning those nasty brown looking nursey shoes. So, honey, anything is better than those.

Seriously, those aren't bad. Now....did you wear them with no-show socks? Because that would be totally okay. But if you showed your socks, then, yay...find your rollers and mumu.

Love ya.