Friday, June 5, 2009

Making a list and checking it twice...

It is Friday. Gotta love Fridays! Especially if you are one of the unfortunate moms that still have to work through the summer. It has been busy around here. We wrapped up the end of the school stuff, Kev just go back from senior trip last weekend, we had the big 80's extravaganza for the youth on Wednesday and now I have to get ready for camp. It has arrived!!!! (Gulp!) HELP!!!

Now I've already posted my sob story about God taking me "WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE," so I will not put you through all that again, but I do ask that you keep your prayers coming...

Now that I got that out of the way, I have to say "I LOVE CAMP!" I love going and seeing hundreds of kids, forget about all the "junk" they have to deal with at home and worship the Lord like crazy. No looking around and caring about reputations, getting all pumped up with the word all day long and forgetting those things (Gulp!) that get in our way of spending time with God. I love going and seeing adults forget about all the "junk" they carry day to day too. LOVE IT!!!

The part I hate? Preparing for it. This year I do have a lot of studying to do before hand, but I also HATE packing. You would think that after all the traveling I've done in my lifetime that I would be use to it...I think it just makes me hate it more. ( Although my sister and I are pretty darn good at it. We can pack a suitcase and a car and manage to fit almost anything inside!!!)

There is always that "figuring out what I'm going to wear, I don't have any cute clothes, UGH!!!" moment before the suitcase actually has clothes in it. Then there is the zip lock Nanny use to have a separate bag for everything. I swore when she use to wake me up early in the morning rattling those bags that I would never... I buy a box every time I travel. And then there is the crazy one bag per person rule that my hubby makes every year. I keep telling him that girls need at least two. We actually care about how we smell... I haven't convinced him yet. Something about space. I'm going to have to work on his priorities... :)

So here I am getting ready. I start with my list. My husband laughs when he sees it. However, after he had to go to Walmart for underwear or a swimsuit, he now lets me make my list and even pack for him. Yep! Gotta prepare for him too or we will have to find a store somewhere.

So here is part of my list (I will not bore you with the detailed version.)

1.Clothes and shoes (enough for five days plus)

2.make up (can't scare the children) works (can't leave the hairdryer behind or I have wacky hair. Sure wish I had the kind of hair that can air dry and look gorgeous... sorry just a little envy moment.)

4. bedding (trying to decide if I want the sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket. Hard decision because it depends on the air conditioning...)

5.towels (Oops! I guess I better get started on the mountain of laundry inside my bathroom!)

6. my medicine (Allergy baby here. My pill bag looks like my grandma's, but at least I can breathe.)

7. contacts and glasses (can't see without them, I would be lost!)

8. my Bible (can't leave home without it. I would be lost!)

9. pen and paper (gotta go get me a cute new notebook...)

10. my camera (I got to have pictures for my kids on Facebook and of course one or two for you guys. And of course I love to scrap...)

11. goody bags (traditionally I make goody bags for camp trips for everyone to have while traveling. I've already bought the stuff, just have to fill the bags.)

12.A good attitude. (With 50 something people traveling from our church...lots of patience and a humble spirit.)

13.Prayers (lots of them!)

Did I forget anything? Good thing I still have a few days to work on it. Of course feel free to let me know if I need to add something. I am so nervous, yet so excited!

Now I just have to find the right bag...


Jim said...

Did you forget your laptop? Will you be able to blog and check emails where you are? And by the way, where will you be? Siloam?
I'll be praying for you.
Love You,

Amber said...

Have fun!

I hate packing, too. And what was Kev thinking? 1 bag? And you have to fit bedding and towels in it? No way.

Gretchen said...

One bag...sheesh.

For my make up, maybe. ;)