Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you, to the God of Details...

Have you ever had a tough situation, whether it be with a relationship, a financial situation, a fear or a health issue and it seems like there is no hope? Like you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel? And everything about the situation leaves you feeling helpless? Well, it happens to me more often than I would like.

A couple of years ago, I lost three wonderful grandparents in one year. Hard times for my family. My husband has been at churches before where friendships were tested to the extreme and he felt like his whole ministry was on trial. I've made some stupid money mistakes in the past, that unfortunately still haunt me. And as for my list of fears...God and I are still working on some of those.

I can't go into detail about my latest little problem. (And for family members reading this post, it is NOT a matter that needs worrying about.) But I did have a moment of helplessness today. I felt like the little child who didn't want to admit there was a problem. It is not a relationship issue or a health problem. Unfortunately it had to do with a bill.

Heard of those? You know those nasty little things that show up in the mail or on your email, reminding you that nothing in this world is free! I had forgotten... I thought I had messed up...again. I thought I was going to have to let my dear, sweet husband down...again. I thought...

But God heard my cry. He saw me in that pit of despair and said "Hey, remember me, my child? You have been working really hard to get things in order. You've been working really hard to take care of past mistakes. You have been... Let me take care of this for you. I already have this figured out. I was just waiting for you to realize you might want my help. The details have been taken care of."

I can't explain what happened, but I just know that the way it all worked out, was a gift from God. I messed up and HE SAVED ME.

I am humbled when He shows himself in my everyday world. I sometimes get carried away in my business, too busy to realize that He is there to help me through each moment or each day. I am not expected to be perfect, for that is impossible. And HE loves me anyway. He is there to guide me every step of the way, if I will just remember to simply let Him in.

So, although I can't go into more detail about my little mishap, I can shout to the high heavens with the outcome. I still have to deal with the situation at hand, but it was worked out in a fashion that gave me HOPE and not despair. And I totally believe all Hope comes from the Lord.

Gotta love it when God does His thing over what seems to the world to be the most insignificant of details.

Word of advice...don't leave God out of the details. (No matter how small they may seem.) You might just miss a blessing.


Jim said...

I appreciated your sharing of struggles and God's intervention of blessing. Indeed, I've been there and done that more times than I can count. It makes us wonder why we forget so easy in the midst of the crisis. I suppose we're tempted to concentrate on the "imperfect" side of us, almost "spanking" our spirit without simply admitting we've messed up to our Heavenly Father, then receiving His kind and loving response. He doesn't even launch a "judgement" for He knows we've done a heavy job of that already on ourselves. Instead, He gives the Holy Spirit of comfort and encouragement, then delights in meeting our need, and enjoys our praise of His Presence. Ah, what a FATHER!

You know, too, that this "father" loves you and is here for you, as well.

Love you,

Amber said...

Love ya, Sis.

I'm praying for ya.

You are the best sister a girl could ever have!! Pinky promise.

I'll call ya when I get back in the States.

Love, Amb

Hope said...

Sweet post of praise! You are right; He did not say to us to acknowledge Him only when you know you cannot handle it anymore, did he.

Everyday and every hour He wants our thought to be on Him…like a dear friend…one who loves us even though we fail Him. Thank you, God!


Gretchen said...

THank you for sharing your God hug with us. We try to clean ourselves up so purdy for Him, and He just waits for that nonsense to be over. Some God. Glad things are looking up.