Monday, June 22, 2009

It is all in the "Goodbye."

My house is quiet right now, with the exception of one loud, ferocious dog named "Baby Girl" who is pitter pattering around and my fingers pecking on the keyboard. This week is Children's Camp for the kids at our church. My dear husband also has the honor of being one of the ministers at camp, so in other words, my time is my own this week.

I spent my Sunday "nap" time getting three suitcases packed and ready. After labeling umpteen pieces of clothing with a Sharpie pen, washing just "one more load of laundry," more than once, for a favorite shirt and finding the "old" towels for them to use and probably lose, I think I actually got the job done. I had the bags ready to go at the church last night at 7:00 p.m. just like they requested. One more thing I can check off the Mommy List for the summer!

I enjoy these little "breaks" from responsibility every once in a while. Yet, I have to be honest, I miss my family like crazy too. (Just don't tell them that!) There are no hugs goodnight, no "venting" conversations to my husband or the encouragement that follows, no one being silly and making me laugh...

The cutest part of the day was the "goodbyes."

My son, "Mr. Cool," the ten year old, hugged me before we left the house. He hugged tight and I have no doubt there will be a moment or two in which he will miss me (mommy is always more understanding of things), but to a little boy his age, appearances are everything. There are older boys watching. I did get a "glance" and a wave as he got on the bus. He makes me smile.

My daughter said "I love you" last night before bed. She had the intention of saying goodbye before she left and got on the bus, but when her little girlfriends started showing up, excited chattering could be heard and mom was forgotten. Until right before dinner. I got a phone call from my husband saying they made it and then he put Kayla on the phone. "Mom, I got away without a goodbye hug. Are you OK? I felt so guilty!" Isn't it just like a preteen to be so worried about her mom?! :) I know there were a few friends within listening distance. But it is alright, because her "guilty" feeling was code for, "I love you, Mom and I really meant to give you a goodbye hug before I left." I can live with that.

My husband, who was driving one of the buses, spent his morning calling roll, putting gas in vehicles and trying to keep everything organized. I only had to go back home for him once, in order to get his phone chargers. To say it was a little chaotic, would be putting it mildly. All of a sudden the buses started to crank up, load and take off. My hubby was the leader. I was standing on the curb of the church parking lot, with a group of moms and dads, when I realized all the buses were headed out. All of a sudden the first bus stops and the driver gets out and runs over to me.

"I almost forgot to say goodbye!" I got a big bear hug from my man. Yep. He cares just a little.

As I spend this moment reflecting on my day, I have to say I feel blessed. I have three very special people in my life, who show me daily that they love me, in their own way. I am humbled everyday by their love and most importantly the love of my Heavenly Father who gave them to me. I pray that they have a wonderful week, learning, praying, singing and playing. May they make memories this week that will remind them daily of the love of Christ.

God is good!


He And Me + 3 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight. You are all by yourself? I would love that for a day or two. How fun for all of them to go to church camp. I remember those days well as a child. I loved camp. Enjoy your time.

Amber said...

He got out of the bus?! So sweet.

Love ya. I'm home all week, so call if you get lonely.

Jim said...

We're thinking about you! This week's kind of a down time for us, too! You know, minus the 3 rascals, we've had for over a week, a busy week! More than once we commented on how we wonder where you and Am get your energy.
We're still catching up!

Call if you get a lonely spot - I know mom would love a few minutes on the telly!

I love you,

momstheword said...

How lovely to have some time for yourself! But I know what you mean. I always miss my kids when they leave overnight somewhere.

It gets awful quiet around here and you miss the goodnight hugs and kisses!

But have fun and hope you get to work on whatever fun things you want to do or work on!

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Oh, enjoy this precious time! And it is great that daddy is with them! :)

Enjoy, rest, be renewed and refreshed in Him!

whimzie said...

I hope you enjoy your week of quiet and that you don't get too terribly sad missing your family.

Lauren said...

thanks so much for coming by my blog - I hope you come again soon! Great post ... you are indeed blessed!!

E @ Scottsville said...

I had to laugh... Cameron is the same way! At 12, it's not really COOL to hug and kiss Mom, but he'll still hug me real quickly. I grab him in, squeeze him a little tighter and point out to his friends that he hates it. Then they all laugh, Cam laughs too, and all is good again. I guess all my kids' friends know I'mj "that funny mom" and so that makes it a little more okay to Cam. =0)

I'm sure your house is TOO quiet. I hate it when all my kids are gone. The peace and quiet is depressing to me!!!

I feel ya!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Hey, I'm slow... but just wanted to stop by and thank you for your sweet comment yesterday. Thank God that He is there to fill in the mommy-gaps when we fail! =0)


christy rose said...

Quietness is bittersweet isn't it?

Miss Charlene said...

Aww, wonderful story, thanks for sharing! I can relate too since my kids visit their father every other weekend. I try to use it for "Me" time but it isn't the same when you just miss them SO much! When they come back, we get to smother them with kisses!! :-)

Hope said...


You wrote this so well, I could clearly picture each detail of your day, and then your sweet husband running back to hug you goodbye. I could even smell and hear the busses as they pulled away…and then they were gone.

I know what it is like to go back to a quiet house. Even though you are delighted to have the time to yourself, you cannot help but feel a bit sad and miss your precious family.

I hope you have a blessed week. And yes…God Is Good!